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6 Parenting Hacks To Make Life With A Toddler Easier!

As fun as it can be, life as a parent does get hard. Running after your toddler, getting things done at home/work, dealing with tantrums and getting judged by strangers - pretty much sums up every new parent’s life. We don’t even get a manual handed to us on how we have to deal with these situations. Everyone we know (friends and family) has one or the other suggestion on how we can make our life easier - some of them work but most of them don’t.

Here are a few tried and tested parenting hacks that you can try out too!

1. Solution to sibling fights

One way to make your kids get along is to make them wear the same t-shirt as demonstrated by these kids. They are not allowed to take it off until they call it a truce, apologise to each other and say something nice about each other.

2. Get rid of monsters under the bed

If your kid is scared of monsters or ghosts, make a monster spray. All you need is the spray bottle you use for the plants, glass paints/stickers to decorate and make it look authentic and water to fill it with. Now simply spray it in the place where they saw the monsters, tell them the monsters are gone now and they will fall asleep.

3. Trace out your kid’s feet

One good hack is to take a trace of their feet with the help of some crayons and a paper. Carry this along wherever you go. Now when you chance upon a shoe sale, you can buy a shoe for your little one with the help of your ‘size sheet’.

4. Avoid confusing a baby’s gender

Ever met a friend’s baby and called her a baby boy when she was actually a baby girl? One hack is to softly ask the baby what their name is. If the baby doesn’t know how to speak yet, the parents will tell you. This should help you decide if the baby is a boy or a girl.

5. Make chores a fun play activity

You can actually get your toddler to help around the house whilst keeping them entertained. You can ask them to separate the peas from the pod for instance. If you have 2 or more kids, you can have a race to see who picks out the most. You could even try out this neat trick with sweeping - getting all the dirt onto one tile (the one highlighted with the coloured tape of course).

6. Wear cargo pants when heading out

As moms, we often have to carry a lot of things along. Carrying a bag and searching for that one little pacifier can take forever. By then, your toddler would have annoyed at least 20 odd strangers around, adding to your panic and frantic search for the pacifier. Instead, opt for cargo pants with tons of pockets. You can stuff the pacifier, feeding bottle, diapers, wipes and all other essentials into separate pockets to stay organised.

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