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deepika padukone

New year resolutions are easy to make but just as difficult to keep up. The dark cloud of temptation follows you around until you give up on your resolutions and then partake in self loathing for the rest of the year. Be it health, wealth or even happiness, we are soon to give up. This year though, the beautiful, magical year of 2017 should not end the same way; It should be your your effort to make 2017 special, a year to keep promises, a year to not cry yourself to sleep.

Here are 6 new year resolutions to live by:

1. Be Healthy

eat healthy

Eating healthy is the hardest thing in this world, lord knows you have tried and so have I. So, try again. Nothing comes in the first try and it's important to not question your resolve. Try stocking your home with all things healthy, that way half your job is done. Now, all you have to do is to keep your head down while passing that scrumptious slice of cake at the bakery just calling for you to eat it.

2. Put Yourself First

love yourself

This is the year you make time for spa. You need to take care of yourself honey. Don't put yourself second to your kids or your husband. It is no crime to relax and it's okay to have some fun. Take out time for you. You have hobbies so get into the habit to pursue them and don't feel guilty for taking a break from 'mom life'.

3. Have a Social Life


Friends are not a thing of the past. The best way to let go and just be yourself is with your friends. Invite them back into your life. Do things together. Travel and taste, meet new people, Live. Being a mother does not bar you from leading an adventurous life.

4. Make Time For the Special One

make time for your special one

Your better half, your partner in crime, it is time you find time for him too. Make him his favorite food, take him to his favorite spot, let him know just how special he is to you. You're always with the child and this might lead him to feel a little neglected, a little alone time is just thing to bring the spark back into the relationship. Spread the love!

5. Never Stop Learning

keep learning

Age is no barrier to learning. It's time you pick up the pen and paper again. Learn a new language, learn pottery, calligraphy, art or better yet, pick up an instrument you have always wanted to learn. Learning is growing, never stop growing as an individual. The doors to self improvement stand wide open.

6. Learn to Live With Your In-Laws

living with your in-laws

The dark clouds of all marriages - the in-laws. The mother in law in particular is known to be slightly challenging. How do you not lose your head with her? There is no real science to it but to breathe. Have patience, all this too shall pass. Every bloody war will come to an end; As the long night ends, so will the bright sun illuminate your life again. So smile, things could be a lot worse. Keep a cool head, try meditation maybe?

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