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6 New Romantic Anniversary Ideas You Can Try Out

Women love knowing that they are loved. And honestly, men do so too, even if they hide the fact well. An anniversary is a great opportunity for each of you to show that you value the other, and that your love means a lot to you.

Anniversaries are like milestones in a relationship. They offer couples a concrete measure of their devotion and love to each other. They are a cause for celebration, and creating new memories.

Sometimes, an anniversary can be a day that is forgotten as well. Often, couples bicker about ‘the occasion’. The problem here is literally the occasion itself - there is the pressure that an anniversary has to be special. If it does not feel special to either of the partners, it can lead to feelings of disappointment or dissatisfaction, which we want to avoid.

In order for it to be special, it has to be romantic. Some people are born romantics, while others shy away from romance. Of course, this shouldn’t stop you from being romantic for this special day. Here are 6 novel romantic anniversary ideas that you can try out:

1. Start The Day With ‘Breakfast In Bed’

This may sound common, but this simple, sweet gesture, more often than not, works. Breakfast in bed is a timeless cliched anniversary idea that always works. When the anniversary day falls on an important, unavoidable business day, ‘Breakfast In Bed’ is your savior. It’s romantic, it’s sweet, it’s a special start to a special day. There are tons of easy recipes on the internet, and some that you may already be good at making. Surprise your better half with their favourite breakfast foods.

2. Go ‘Back In Time’

Every couple has places, and things that are ‘just theirs.’ Maybe you met your spouse in the place or met them doing so-and-so. These kinds of things always occupy a special place in both of your hearts. Taking your partner back to where you had your first date for example, is a cute idea. What we are trying to say is this - hitting nostalgia when it comes to the relationship is a winning romantic strategy.

3. ‘Paint’ A Picture:

Yup, we mean this in literal terms. If you and your partner are art fanatics, nothing can be more romantic than painting a masterpiece to commemorate your anniversary. Many painting institutes give couples an option to do so. It’s a unique, fun and memorable way of spending your anniversary even for those couples who know nothing about painting. It can be fun, and can be a new activity. You may even make it a ritual.

4. A ‘Mysterious’ Holiday Getaway

Another one of those cliched yet successful ideas. To make it fun, make sure that your spouse has absolutely no clue about what’s going on. Randomly and out of the blue, on some day close to your anniversary date, take them away for this mysterious getaway. There are two ways in which you can go about this. A surprise camping trick or, a nice-luxurious getaway. You know your partner best, decide accordingly.

5. Exchange Handmade Gifts

People always make a big deal about handmade gifts to the annoyance of some other people. But for those of you who don’t understand their significance, it’s simple. Handmade gifts are cute. They signify thought and effort. Human beings thinking about others and working for others free of cost is rare, so it feels good to receive handmade gifts. Thus, appreciate it when somebody makes something for you. Don’t be shallow and look it at from a face value perspective.

Some handmade anniversary gift ideas that you can try making are: a box containing letters of love and appreciation, a photo album compiling your time spent together and maybe a ‘cheque’ for a 100 redeemable hugs and kisses. Your partner’s got to like at least one of these ideas.

6. ‘Scavenger Hunt’?

Some say it’s romantic, some say it’s annoying. You know your partner better than anybody else. So making that decision shouldn’t be a problem. A scavenger hunt, simply put, is a treasure hunt. How to make it romantic? A week before your anniversary start giving your partner clues and give them small gifts and other clues as they figure one out.

The final clue could lead them to one of their favourite places, or the airport (if you’re surprising him/her with a vacation), a hotel, a restaurant, the park where you first met - it’s up to you really!

These ideas should be romantic enough for you. Or maybe you have other cute ideas? Be a darling and share something that you did for your partner that they absolutely loved. Happy planning! Make sure you enjoy the process, and of course, your anniversary.

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