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6 MUST-HAVE Foods During Pregnancy That Are Rich in Folic Acid

Folic acid is an important nutrient that is very important for your baby’s development and for your own health benefit as well. Folic acid is a type of vitamin-B that your body requires for the formation of healthy red blood cells. In pregnant women, folic acid is doubly important because it can help significantly lower the risk of your baby developing neural tube defects. And so, you require a good supply of this important nutrient in order to make sure that you and your baby have a proper health. Though there are a lot of supplements that you might be suggested, there are, however, some food items that provide a lot of folic acid content. And so, wouldn’t it be better to consume these foods instead of chemical supplements? Well, mommies, we know what your answer might be and so we bring to you a list of six such food items.

1. Orange and other citrus fruits

It is, in truth, one of the easiest and best ways to get your daily dose of folic acid. Simply munch on some segments of orange or drink a glass of juice from citrus fruits that contain folic acid. Just by having the fruits you will get a major chunk of your folic acid supply that will definitely help in both your own and your baby’s overall health.

2. Nuts and seeds

Add some crunch to your diet or snacks with a sprinkling of seeds and nuts that are rich in folic acid. Half a cup of sunflower seeds or a cup of peanuts is among the best sources of folic acid. Peanuts are a very good source of folic acid and they are really very tasty so you can munch on them anytime any day and just keep supplying folic acid to your little baby and your own body.

3. Leafy green vegetables

Another good source of folic acid is green leafy vegetables. If you do not like the taste of just the vegetables then you can club them with other things like pasta and noodles which is sure to give you a different taste while letting you get the goodness and benefits of the wonderful food. Apart from folic acid, green vegetables are also rich in iron, vitamins and other nutrients all of which will be needed by your little one and you.

4. Asparagus

Asparagus is an elegant and delicious vegetable that you can cook up in a flash. Just drizzle some olive oil and put some fresh salt and pepper on them before roasting or grilling them. Add them to soups or steam them and dress with some lemon or apple cider vinegar salad dressing. Being rich in folic acid, it can easily help you get the desired nutrition for your appetizers and snacks.

5. Whole grains

Eating whole grain is good at the best of times. When you are pregnant, the added fibre in whole grains can help with pregnancy-related constipation and digestive trouble as well. Just two tablespoons of wheat germ contain 40 mcg of folic acid, getting you to 10 percent of your daily target intake. You can also get your folic acid via fortified whole-grain bread and pasta or breakfast cereals. So, multiple whole grain foods are going to help you get your desired levels of folic acid.

6. Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage

Cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts may not be on the top of your favourite vegetables, but they’re well worth a try for the folic acid content. A half cup of broccoli has about 52 mcg in it, which is about 13 percent of the intake you must aim for and so you can easily get your daily dosage of folic acid with ease apart from all the other wonderful benefits.

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