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6 Mistakes Every Woman Makes in First Trimester

Getting pregnant is only one minor step in the entire parenting and pregnancy cycle. No one learns exactly what to do during pregnancy beforehand and they surely are not pros in pregnancy or raising a child. As a result, it is only likely that the expectant mothers will make one or the other mistake. And this does not mean that you will be a bad parent or you will not be able to raise a child. It just means that you are learning and you will need some training to tackle the situations. And so, to give a boost to your morale, we have made a list of 6 mistakes that every woman makes in the first trimester.

1. Eat for two

One of the most common mistakes that almost every woman ends up doing is that she starts eating not for one but for 2 people. This is a silly and somewhat dangerous mistake that should not be done. Your little one draws energy from what you eat and if they will need more food then they will tell you automatically. So, there is no need for you to forcefully eat more than your appetite.

2. Stop drinking coffee or tea immediately

Yes, caffeine can have negative effects on your baby. And yes, as a result of that, your doctor will tell you to reduce your caffeine intake. But, do not stop taking any coffee or tea immediately if you used to have 3-4 cups earlier. Instead of benefits, this will harm your body more and you might end up having severe headaches and other problems. So, make sure that you reduce your caffeine intake gradually.

3. Getting too much information

Being prepared is good but being over prepared and reading up too much can result in more problems than benefit. Do not repeat this mistake and know only what is needed at the moment. Too much information can have negative effects on your mind emotionally and so you need to limit your information until the time is right and you are mentally and physically prepared for it.

4. Going to the doctor too early

Another mistake that expectant mothers end up making is going to the doctor too soon. It takes time for the fetus to start developing and so you need to give it sometime before you start bugging your OB-GYN every day. Before that, your doctor will not be able to tell you anything and you might end up getting disappointed.

5. Ultrasounds

Yes, an ultrasound is a very good way to understand and determine how your baby is doing. But, the effects of ultrasound on the fetus are still not properly known and as a result, you need to careful. There have been certain reports around the world where the ultrasound affected the growth of the baby and sometimes caused an abnormality.

6. Go to the doctor too late

Another thing that sometimes moms end up doing is to go to the doctor too late. You need to be aware and informed that after this amount of time you need to consult your doctor. So, research on when to go to the doctor and just call your doctor once to know exactly when you should be coming to visit them. Remember, a lot of fetus growth issues can be taken care of just by getting proper medical care on time.

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