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6 Misconceptions About Miscarriage


Miscarriage is one of the most stressful experiences for any woman. White you are hoping to get the best results of getting pregnant and trying for so long - miscarriage leads you to be emotionally overwhelmed. This makes you easily influenced by what anyone says or what you read.

Making sure you only listen to the doctor, your trusted circle or your body - you might be anxious and affected by some beliefs. Do no fret ladies! Here are 6 misconceptions about miscarriage that you should not get scared about in any way.

1. Behavior

Many a times, you will see that a miscarriage is believed to be caused by a reason i.e. and the woman herself. Either because she was stressed or depressed was why the miscarriage happened. You need to know that this is in nowhere related to miscarriages. White you are strongly feeling the loss of a child - at the same time - always know that it had nothing to do with your psychological state.

2. Breast Cancer

Today, miscarriage is now being seen as a cause of breast cancer in women. Research, on the other hand, has given a valid proof that this is nothing related. So, you need not pay heed to anything anyone tells about breast cancer being caused by a miscarriage at anytime. 

3. Infertility

A lot of people also believe that you will have no ability to be fertile. This is an older myth misconception that you must not let affect you. Miscarriages have never been tested positive to cause infertility. So, do not get yourself trapped in this superstition.

4. Not your fault

Time and again you need to remember that it is most definitely not your fault. Things like uncontrollable genetics or circumstances is something that you will never be able to consciously avoid.

Some people alsp wrongly believe that a shock or fright, exercise, lifting or straining, travelling, working and eating spicy food - all could be causes of a miscarriage. You must be open and not get consumed by the guilt that is thrown at you.

Many women have reported that a support group helped them lessen the blow of the miscarriage when they got to know they were not the only one suffering. Support from other individuals like family, friends or counsellors will also similarly help you unburden yourself. Yet, remember that this process takes time and patience will help you come out of this struggle positively.

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5. Second pregnancy

This misconception is similar to fertility. Many people tend to exaggerate that after a miscarriage, saying that you can never get pregnant again. On the contrary, doctors strongly believe and know that you can get pregnant. While the time differs from woman to woman - there is an equal possibility of getting pregnant during the 6 month following miscarriage.

6. Another miscarriage

This a misconception that has a clear non base. Reports say that 1 in 100 women experience recurrent miscarriages. So, do not let anyone scare you into doing or thinking about something that is nowhere near the truth.

Do not lose hope at all ladies! There are still a lot of options and you can still welcome a little one in your family soon. 

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