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6 Ingenious Uses Of Baby Powder That’ll Make Your Life Easier

Most mothers love to powder their babies right after a shower for that freshness and that wonderful smell. But did you know that baby powder is super versatile and can be used for many other things too? No, we don’t mean that you can use it as a powder for yourself, we’re talking about neat, clever hacks using baby powder that’ll make you go ‘That’s genius. Why didn’t I think of that?’

1. Removing oil stains

Oil or grease stains on clothes are really difficult to get rid off. Even your normal detergent won’t work but baby powder will. Just dab a little powder on top of the stain with a cotton ball and dust it off. Repeat this 3 or 4 times until the stain is completely gone and then wash it as usual. It’s like magic!

2. No shoe odour

Stinky shoes are nobody’s cup of tea and you can’t really wash them after every time you wear them. Just sprinkle baby powder all over the insides of your shoes the night before you’re supposed to wear them. Tap it off in the morning and wear them. It’ll absorb all the moisture from the sweat and keep your shoes clean and odour-free.

3. Fresh sheets

Who doesn’t want to end their day with a nice sleep on fresh, clean mattresses? But sadly since we sleep on the same sheets for days on end, they’re anything but fresh. Sprinkling a tiny amount of baby powder will give a fresh feel to your sheets and cover up the sweaty smell until you get them laundered.

4. Ants repellent

Baby powder is a great way of getting rid of ants. Just put a little baby powder on the window panes and all those cracks and crevices where you find ants walking around and you’ll not see them anymore after a day or two. It’s safer and frankly, smells better than those chemicals you spray around in the house to keep the pests at bay.

5. Dry shampoo

Every one of us has those days where we can’t be bothered to shampoo our hair but we don’t want to step outside with a greasy, oily looking hair-do. You can use baby powder as a dry shampoo but don’t go overboard as it can make it look like you have grey hair. If you have thick black hair, mix a little bit of cocoa powder with baby powder and then use it as a dry shampoo.

6. Longer lashes

If you’re not a celebrity then we’re guessing fake lashes are not up your alley but longer, fuller lashes are. So just apply a bit of baby powder before applying a coat of mascara to your lashes and voila, instant volume and length. As a bonus, you can also set your makeup with this powder.  

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