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6 Important Skills To Teach Your Child

Childhood is all about learning and experiencing new things and as a mother, your role is a major one in it. Skills need to be learned because most normal human beings don’t have a natural talent for it and technology can’t really substitute for practical life skills. So here are a few of them that you should focus on: 

1. Good manners

Although temper tantrums are common among children it’s important you restrain them to just that - childhood. People may bear all of your child’s antics for the sole reason that they’re kids but as they grow up being ill-tempered, it’ll cost them a lot. Teach them to say thank you and sorry and to respect elders. If you see them being stubborn and bad mannered, instead of punishing them, make it a life lesson.

2. Being able to speak for themselves

Not all kids are outgoing and even if your kid is not the shy-type, in certain situations when they are confronted head-on they would run to you for help. This might seem adorable now but it’s essential to teach them to speak for themselves. They should learn to stand up to bullies and take anything that’s thrown their way.

3. Doing laundry

This might seem like a menial task but imagine your child all grown up in his college hostel with dirty clothes thrown all around the room well because he has to depend on someone else to do all the washing for him - Not a pretty sight, is it? So ask your child for a hand when you are doing laundry, don’t teach them it to them as a life skill, just make them involved and they’ll learn on their own.

4. Swimming

It’s better to get your child started on swimming lessons as soon as possible. I mean there are videos of actual babies learning how to swim, but if you’re worried that your child is too young, 4 to 5 years old is a good age to get started. Sign up for some swimming lessons in your local swimming pool, if you know how to swim then you can teach them yourself but professional swimming lessons are preferable.

5. Managing money

Everything revolves around money in today’s world so we don’t really have to tell you about why teaching your child the value of money is important. Household expenditure might be a heavy topic for your child to handle but that doesn’t mean you should not talk about. When you’re allocating money to certain things every month, have your child involved. Let her just listen and their brains will do the work for you.

6. Cooking

Cooking is fun and a life skill that everyone needs to learn. See whatever your child is interested in, maybe your child is enjoying some delicious cookies and you can go ‘do you want to see how to make them?’. Teach them a few simple dishes and have them eat their food(only if you’re sure it’s cooked and not poisonous of course).  

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