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6 Healthy Finger Foods That Your Little One Will Definitely Love

Snacks are a major part of the diet of children all over the world. But most often, these snacks consist of junk food which is not at all good for their health. As a result, the child might end up developing some illnesses. Believe it or not, the food we eat actually plays a very major role in our health and our lifestyle. So, it is important that instead of allowing them to eat chips or some other snack, you give them something that they can eat all day, is good in taste and will be beneficial for their health and development. Below mentioned are some of the options you can use.

1. Cooked beans

Well-cooked beans make an ideal finger food that most babies love for their mild taste and soft texture. Plus, they are nutritional powerhouses, full of protein, fibre, folic acid, and other nutrients. Not only can your child eat them all day, their soft texture will make it easier for your baby to chew and eat. Beans are something that even you will like and so why not have a healthy sack party with your little one.

2. Steamed carrots

Another great food that you can give to your little one is steamed carrots. Raw carrots should not be given to children until they are able to properly chew and swallow harder foods. However, steamed carrots are comparatively softer and thus can be eaten by younger babies as well. Plus, the taste of carrots is loved by everyone everywhere and so your little one is sure to like it.

3. Soft fruits such as watermelons or tomatoes

Naturally soft fruits and vegetables do not have to be cooked for your baby to safely eat them. Wholesome choices like watermelon, peaches, tomatoes, and avocado can be cut into elongated pieces or small cubes to make it easy for babies. These fruits are very nutritious and will not only help your little one grow but will also give them a delicious taste in their mouth.

4. Scrambled eggs

Although egg whites used to be off-limits before the age of one, we now know that eggs are completely safe and an excellent source of iron, protein, and choline. They're also an incredibly easy-to-prep finger food. Make your little one some scrambled eggs and they will definitely love you a bit more for it.

5. Peas

Yes, you read correctly. Green peas are indeed what we are suggesting here. They can be steamed, boiled, or simply offered frozen. Aside from wonderful nutrition, frozen peas provide relief for teething gums. Even when frozen, green peas are not a choking hazard because of their small size. Besides, peas have a certain interesting taste that your little one will definitely like.

6. Cucumber strips

Cucumber strips may be hard for your baby to bite before she grows teeth, but they work wonders for soothing sore gums in the meantime. To prevent choking, cut cucumbers into long and wide strips so that your baby can gnaw on them. These cucumber strips are sure to let your little one enjoy their snacks and snack time.  

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