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6 Gross Things You Touch Everyday That Are Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat

There can be nothing dirtier than a toilet seat, right? - Wrong! Well, we’ve found not one but six things that have more germs than your toilet seat. The worst part, however, is that these are things we can’t avoid on a daily basis. Read on to know what they are:

1. Phone

Your smartphones and tablets have more bacteria than you think. Because you constantly touch them with your hands, all the germs that are present in your hands transfer onto the phone. In a recent study, 30 different smartphones and 30 tablets were swabbed and the bacteria found on it was 30 times more than what’s present in a common toilet.

Clean your digital screens at least once a week with a disinfectant that is specially made for this purpose.

2. Taps

The taps or the faucet handles in your bathroom hold 21 times more bacteria than your toilet seat. Here’s another fact- Kitchen faucets have 44 times more bacteria than a toilet seat! The irony in this situation is that you use these taps to wash hands and get rid of germs but in reality you’re actually catching more germs.

Now that you know that it’s not just your toilet and the bathroom floor that needs a good scrubbing, we’re sure you know what to do.

3. Chopping boards

That innocent looking board on which you cut vegetables and stuff is brimming with faecal bacteria that is 200 times worse than what you find on a toilet seat. No, we’re not kidding. Because of the amount of moisture that is present on the chopping, it serves as a breeding ground for bacteria.

Clean your chopping boards with dishwashing liquid and water, and use food-grade bleaching powder once in a while to really get all the germs out.

4. Computer keyboard

The more you click and click on those tiny buttons on the keyboard, the more germs your hands are attracting. In a study that was done, each button was said to harbour five times more bacteria than a toilet seat. So, don’t even consider multitasking by eating your food while you work on the computer.

Make sure you clean all the surfaces and your hands constantly.

5. Handbag

You could actually find anything you’ll ever want in your handbag, right? Well seems like that includes germs too. Your handbag might be 10 times worse than your toilet seat especially if you use it regularly.

Clean the insides of your bag often. Wash the bag if it’s made out of cloth, for leather bags, you can use wipe down using disinfectant wipes.

6. Kitchen sponge

Most women tend to use the same kitchen sponge for months on end. What happens during this course is that the pores present in the sponge collect tiny food particles that remain as a residue forever. This is the reason a typical kitchen sponge has 500 times more bacteria when compared to an average toilet seat.

Replace the sponges as often as possible. Give a thorough cleaning of the sponges at least once a week.

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