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6 Funny (And Tricky) Questions Kids Ask... And How To Answer Them

Children truly are little bundles of joy. Every little action of theirs makes our hearts warm up a few degrees. Every innocent little thing they say brings smiles to our faces. They have an abundance of unanswered questions running through their curious baby minds and this is what adds to their adorableness!

Sometimes, they actually ask us a few of the questions that they have in their mind and oh, what a joy it is to answer them. Here are a few of those tricky and hilarious questions that kids ask: 

1. “Who is your favourite child?”

Has your child ever asked you this? Well, don’t worry. Every parent gets this question thrown at them from time to time. We bet you have asked this to your parents too while growing up.

How to answer it: Just let them know that as parents, you love them both equally. You can’t choose one over the other as it would break mommy and daddy’s heart. If they ask you to choose anyway, just give a wink and say you like their sibling more. (enjoy the tantrums!)

2. “Why do you leave me and go to work?”

This question is both heartbreaking and cute. Don’t let this get to you. They will be fine as long as they have someone looking after them while you are at work.

How to answer it: Let them know that they have food and toys only because mommy and daddy go to work. Make sure you spend some time with them when you get back from work. Also, it can comfort them to have a blanket/toy to remind them of you while you are away.

3. “Why did you eat my brother/sister?”

Another question that is all too commonly asked by kids to their pregnant mommies, it is one that you should definitely be prepared to answer - amidst chuckles.

How to answer it: This depends on how serious you want to be with your little one. The best answer would be that the baby is in mommy’s tummy because everyone prayed for another baby.

4. “Do I really have to see the doctor? :(”

The one thing most kids dread is seeing the doctor. Some children think doctors are just going to give them painful injections (OMG blood!) and yucky medicines when they already have to deal with a snotty nose (if only they knew).

How to answer it: You need to tell them why a doctor is actually their friend or superhero. They help you fight diseases and stay strong and healthy. Of course, if they are afraid of the needle, just ask them to keep talking to you/sing a rhyme while they get the injection - that way they won’t notice it.

5. “Where do babies come from?”

This question is funny mainly because of how uncomfortable it makes us. If you avoid the question now, they will ask you again some other time and you will need to answer it then.

How to answer it: Again, you can decide if you want to give them a serious answer or a less serious one depending on their age and level of understanding. A simple answer would be that they arrive in the world because their parents really longed to have a baby.

6. “Why is that man so fat?”

Kids never realise if or when they are saying something that may be insensitive. They may unknowingly hurt someone’s feelings and so it becomes your duty to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

How to answer it: Simply explain to them that it is rude to point at people. You can also tell them that everyone is built differently and may look different - body size, shape, skin colour, etc. If they want to talk about it, they can do so in private rather than doing so in front of them to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings.

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