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A baby shower is indeed a special day in a pregnant woman's life. Filled with fun and frolics, the mommy to be is pampered to the hilt by her near and dear ones. From games to music and food, the moment is euphoric to the core. For all the expectant mothers, here are some enthralling and creative ideas to make the baby shower a day you will cherish for years to come.

A baby shower to unleash the child in you

Every individual, irrespective of their age or sex has a child suppressed within them. A baby shower where all the guests including the expectant mother come dressed as a cartoon or a comic character will take the fun and excitement to another level altogether. In addition to the enjoyment, relieving the childhood days, dressing up or mimicking the favorite cartoon character will go a long way to lower the anxiety and stress most women experience during their pregnancy.

A baby shower with a twist

Most women during their pregnancy get panicky about their weight and overall appearance. They fret all the times brooding over the extra pounds they have put on in the past few months. Utilize the baby shower to the fullest to make her realize how special she is. Fill the room with large portraits of her present pictures. Let each guest compliment her inner beauty and qualities that make her stand out from the rest. The much-needed words of encouragement are sure to make the baby shower even more precious for her.

A lip-smacking baby shower

During pregnancy, a woman's cravings for food is at a different level. This baby shower, pamper her with all her favorite cuisines. From starters to the main course to deserts, every guest can come up with one delicacy (just take care the food is less spicy and oily) each. Also make sure to fill the room with lots of chocolates, cookies, and candies. The excitement and million dollars smile on her face as she binges on her favorite food will make the baby shower memorable.

A baby shower is incomplete without games

Come up with lots of creative and fun games for the baby shower. From Dumb charades to passing the parcel/ ball, Chinese whisper to a treasure hunt, the options are unlimited. Just ensure that the games are not very physically challenging or exhausting. You can also come up with deciding the name of the baby game. Blindfold each of the guests including the lady of the hour. With a marker write few names of boys and girls on a whiteboard. Let each guest (blindfolded) come and put a tick on the board. The names (one boy and one girl) that get marked the maximum number of times is zeroed upon as the potential name of the baby that is soon going to make his/her grand entry into this world. 

Hit the right notes

For pregnant women who are passionate about singing, a musical baby shower by the beach or in an open area (can be a lawn or a garden area) can be an excellent idea for a baby shower. While the expectant woman can start a song(s), the guests can all join her in the chorus. Capture and record the moments so that the special day remains etched in her memory forever.

A baby shower in the salon

The idea might sound crazy but is sure worth a try. Book a salon in advance and decorate it accordingly. Blindfold the mommy to be and take her to the venue of the baby shower. A day filled with some much-needed pampering, enjoyment, and body care is a baby shower she will love to the fullest.

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