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6 Foods You Should Never Have On An Empty Stomach

A perfect breakfast is what you need to start a beautiful day with. It breaks the fast of the long night and provides the energy each organ needs to function properly. Your organs, just as you, will be sluggish right when you wake up and take a little time to get active. Therefore, you need to carefully monitor what you eat right after you wake up. This excludes some common food items, which most people are not aware of but can cause stomach related issues, such as -

1. Spicy Foods

Big fan of spicy foods? Well, you may want to avoid having those peppery hot foods on an empty stomach if you don’t want digestive issues. The chilies and spices will irritate and damage the inner lining i.e., the soft, velvety gastric mucosa layer of your stomach. This will increase the acid production in your tummy, leading to gastric ulcers.

2. Sugary Foods And Drinks

Who can say no when the sweet tooth craves for some chocolates? Well, if it is morning and you just woke up, then you should definitely say no. Sugary foods and drinks have high sugar content which spikes the insulin level. This increases the pressure on liver and pancreas, which are still sluggish from the night’s rest. Regular consumption of these sugary foods in the morning can lead to diabetes etc.

3. Citrus Fruits

Wondering how something as healthy as fruits made it to this list? Well fruits, particularly which are citric in nature, may induce acid production in the stomach. Also, the high fiber and fructose content in fruits can slow down the digestive system.

Vegetables like tomatoes should also be avoided on an empty stomach. The tannic acid present in tomatoes leads to acidity and other gastric problems.

4. Green Vegetables

Ahan! This must have shocked you big time. But yes, those incredibly healthy green vegetables won’t do you much good if you have them on an empty stomach. When you wake up in the morning, your internal organs take a little time to start functioning properly.

The raw green vegetables are loaded with amino acids and coarse fiber which can be too much for the just-woke-up stomach to digest. This can cause flatulence and abdominal pain.

5. Yogurt And Other Fermented Products

Yogurt and other fermented products contain good bacteria that help in digestion. But when taken on an empty stomach, these food items form hydrochloric acid, which is extremely acidic in nature. The good lactic acid bacteria present in these products cannot survive in such extreme conditions, thus taking away all the benefits and instead resulting in acidity.

6. Coffee

But first, coffee? Well, maybe not. Even though it wakes you up and boosts up your energy, you should not have coffee on an empty stomach. It causes increased production of hydrochloric acid and leads to heartburn, acidity or other gastric issues.

Is it too hard for you to imagine a morning without any of these food items? Well, if you really must, then at least eat some soaked almonds or nuts after you wake up and wait for an hour or two before having your “must-have” item. But try to develop a habit of not eating these foods in the morning, especially on an empty stomach.

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