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6 Etiquettes You Should Know About Dining Outside

Having food outside is something we all do every now and then. And we often go to a fine dining place where it is important to follow a set of eating rules that were formulated long ago. As such, it is not just you with your hubby going out to eat randomly. Sometimes, you are invited to such type of a fine dining restaurant where you just have to follow the set of etiquettes you have had to follow. Though there are many etiquettes that you would just have to follow, mentioned below are some of those important rules that you should definitely know about.

1. The setting

It is possible that you might get confused in the proper placement of the cutlery and the plate. If something like that happens then remember the “BMW” rule. The plate for your bread comes to your left-hand side, the main plate is always in the middle and the glass of water is on your right-hand side. Just remember the abbreviation and you will be able to easily find your way through the table.

2. Calling the waiter

Waiters at fine dining restaurants know all about the etiquettes. They are trained in these things before the restaurant allows them to interact with the customers. So, do not shout to call the waiter. If possible, try calling him/her over just by the eye contact. If that does not work then raise your hand to get their attention. Speaking up should be done only if none of this works.

3. Don’t pull the chair for anyone

Pulling the chair for the other person no matter the gender is not considered courteous anymore. Let the other person pull their chair as they are more than capable of doing just that. You can hold the door while entering or exiting but pulling the chair for someone else might be considered rude by them.

4. The food you order needs to be balanced with your guest

If you have invited someone then it is important to take care that you order in a similar fashion as them. For example, if your guest orders appetisers and desert then you need to order them as well. Do not let your guest feel awkward and let them eat alone. You need to be involved in the eating as well. And it is common courtesy that you have the same number of courses.

5. Asking to pass the dish

Another very common etiquette that should be followed not only in restaurants but at home as well is passing the dish. Do not reach out and try to take a dish kept far away from you on your own. Just ask the person sitting near you and they will definitely not say no to passing the dish. By extending your hands to take a dish you are increasing the chances of something falling over on you or on the table.

6. Don’t put your keys or phone on the table

Putting your mobile phone on the table you are going to eat at is not only considered rude but is distracting as well. You have come out to talk to the other person and just the presence of the phone can be distracting, a bit of a ruckus and plain old rude too. Besides, if your phone is on the table then you will be tempted to check it every now and then and you will not be able to interact with the people around you.

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