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6 Differences Between Women and Men That Will Make You LOL


Men and women have often been at loggerheads trying to prove their superiority. In spite of all the tall claims, Adam and Eve will always have their differences. Be it the likes, dislikes, hobbies or the dressing style - their tastes and preferences are as different as chalk and cheese. Mentioned below are 6 hilarious points of differences between the two sexes that is sure to leave you in splits! 

1. Time to get ready!

This is one thing that women love and men hate doing the most. Be it a date, a party or a get-together - a woman always wants to look nothing less than a diva. She wants to be the center of attraction. To look like a diva, she will spend hours before she zeros upon an outfit or better still go shopping to get one. Another hour or two is spent matching the accessories. Finally comes the most time-consuming part - the makeup. Be it a parlor or at home, in most cases, a woman takes not less than two-three hours for make-up. To sum it up in a man's words, "A woman takes ages to get ready and yet is never satisfied with the same".

For most men, getting ready is nothing short of a headache. They wear anything they can get a hold of (in most cases, a t-shirt and a pair of jeans ends up being their choice). Makeup for most men is all about combing the hair and using a perfume or deodorant. For a man, getting ready takes maximum 30-45 minutes.

2. Choice of movies and serials

For most women, nothing can be more appealing than a sweet romantic movie. She can spend hours watching the same without getting bored or tired. For men, on the other hand, movies are all about adventure, action, and suspense. Romance and melodrama are not his cup of tea becuase they often leave him bored to the hilt.

The scene is no different when it comes to television. Many women stay glued to the screen watching the typical and OTT Saas-Bahu serials. For men, it is all about News and Sports. This is a point of discord in almost every household. From hiding the remote to emotionally blackmailing her husband or boyfriend, a woman tries every trick up her sleeve to ensure that she does not miss out a single episode of her favorite serial.

3. Remembering the important dates

Many men have a hard time remembering important dates and occasions (such as the first meeting with your partner, the first couple vacation, the first time you kissed, first Valentine’s Day celebration, to name a few). Women, on the other hand, not only remember the dates but also expects her partner to do the same (often ending up being disappointed).

4. Favorite past-time

For women, shopping is a craze that gives them unlimited happiness and satisfaction. Whether you are happy or sad, had a promotion in the office or a breakup with your partner - the solution to all the problems lies in shopping. For most men, the source of unlimited happiness lies in drinking and lazing around. They don't need an occasion to drink and celebrate.

5. Color perfect

A man sees a red color as red. For a woman, red comes in different shades- scarlet red, plum red, dark red and lots more. Imagine the scenario when a woman goes to buy a lipstick, a nail polish or a dress of a particular shade.

6. Clicking selfies and pictures

A perfect selfie for a woman would mean taking at least a hundred pictures, getting confused, finding flaws in almost all the pics and then repeating the cycle. For most men, selfies are about clicking a picture without caring about the angle or the editings. No wonder, when a woman uploads a DP, she gets nothing less a few hundred likes and positive comments about it! 

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