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6 Common New Parent Mistakes to Avoid

Being a new parent can be exhilarating and confusing at the same time. Irrespective of the numerous baby-care-books one has read, or the endless baby care sessions one has attended - many new parents end up making mistakes which can affect them physically, mentally, and emotionally. However, instead of getting depressed or disheartened, learn from your mistakes and make sure you don't repeat them. Mentioned below are some mistakes that many first-time parents often make. 

Some advice is best left avoided

As a new parent, advice will fly around from every corner: older parents, relatives, friends and acquaintances. While some will suggest that sleeping with the baby is a healthy practice, other may suggest leaving the baby alone to sleep. For some it is ok if your baby sucks his/her thumb, while few others will suggest using a pacifier instead. Still, at the end of the day and as a parent, you should do what you or your doctor feels is right and healthy for the baby. Don’t get carried away or overwhelmed by all the advice!

Post-pregnancy-free-time is a fallacy

Most parents, especially mothers, take a break from their professional life after the baby is born. The break could be for weeks, months, a year, or even more. If you think the break is a breather for yourself, then you are only fooling yourself. Catching up with friends, an evening stroll, spending time with yourself - to name a few - will be the last thing you get to do. The baby is going to occupy almost all your time. In most cases, new parents either get exhausted or too frustrated due to the lack of planning and clarity. It is, therefore, advised to plan better.

Do not take marriage for granted

Many marriages come under threat after a baby is born. For a homemaker mom, every day brings in new challenges and struggles that includes changing the baby's diaper, maintaining their feeding and nap-time routine, and the list goes on. The parents become so engrossed with the baby that they forget to spend time with each other, a mistake that can cost them their marriage. It is a good idea to look for a babysitter to help out rather than being stressed out to avoid this kind of burnout. Spending time with the family should not be neglected under any circumstances.

Parents should take the time out for indulgence

As the saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” The same is applicable for new parents too. It is necessary to take some time out for yourself. It will help to compensate for the fatigue created out of the demanding task of raising a baby. Make it a point to go for a movie or a dinner date with your partner at least twice a month, if not more.

Do not compare the baby’s performance with others

If the baby next door sleeps through the night, smiles at everyone, started crawling just at the right time - it is advised not to panic about your little one. Every baby takes its own time to develop. The growth chart given by pediatricians are only averages, and there is no reason to panic if the baby’s activity does not stick to the growth chart or resemble that of the baby next door. He or she will learn eventually.

Do not compromise on your sleep

Looking after the baby is no small task. Like the baby, the parents also need a sound sleep. With the baby around it might be difficult for you to enjoy a good night's sleep, but with proper planning you can make up for it in the daytime. For instance, instead of struggling with the household chores, use the opportunity to take a quick nap when the baby is sleeping in the afternoon. In addition to being a great stress buster, a sound sleep will keep you calm and focused later, helping you put up with the monotonous schedule of a mom and dad alike.

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