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6 Common Mistakes You Tend To Make During Pregnancy

Pregnancy leaves no room for error which is why most women tend to be extremely careful but there are certain mistakes you might be making without even realizing them. A few slipups could cost a lot so it’s best that you avoid all of these mistakes and have an amazingly blissful and fulfilling pregnancy.

1. Eating for two

Pregnancy cravings are pretty common and your appetite increases than normal but this doesn’t mean that you should eat for both you and your baby. You just need an extra of 300 calories not double the usual amount for a healthy pregnancy. Infant, eating too much can lead to gestational diabetes and hypertension which are things you do not need during pregnancy

2. Safety First 

Most pregnant women tend to be super careful and protect their baby bump at all costs. But this safety comes at a cost. When you’re traveling, you might not wear the seat belt because you’re scared it might hurt your little one but this isn’t necessarily true. Just don’t wear it too tightly and you’ll be good - ‘Better late than sorry’, right?

3. Self-medication

Even something seemingly harmful such as an acne cream could harm you during pregnancy if it’s not made out of the right products. So, no matter how small of an issue you have, do not go for over-the-counter medicines or extreme beauty treatments and stay away from paracetamol and antacids unless advised otherwise by your physician.

4. Not exercising enough

It’s true that you shouldn’t strain yourself too hard during pregnancy but this doesn’t mean that you do nothing. A daily walk or prenatal yoga sessions can be extremely beneficial for you and your baby. Some people even say that pregnant women who are active and exercise have fewer chances of giving birth through a Cesarean. 

5. Not sleeping enough

Your body goes through a lot during pregnancy and the only downtime it gets is when you sleep. So do not push past your bedtime for any reason whatsoever. Have at least 8 to 9 hours of sleep in a day. You can buy yourself a body pillow if you’ve been experiencing difficulty sleeping.

6. Skipping meals

Too much or too less is too bad. We get that morning sickness can be horrible and will make you lose your appetite but this doesn’t mean that you skip your breakfast. 3 meals and 2 snack times is a must to keep your blood sugar levels in check. In Fact, you can eat little at a time throughout the day and get all the required nutrients. 

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