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Women have different kinds of pain during the course of their pregnancies. Yet, most women have a few common pains that can be dealt with in numerous ways. You may or may not have gotten the time to read all of the many bestseller books on pregnancy, so don’t worry. We are here to help you.

In your last trimester, you may feel the most pain which signals to the fact that your body is getting ready for delivery. Here are a few ways in which you can ease pains during pregnancy:

1. Walk

Walking is the best form of exercise, no matter your age or predicament. Walking is something that everyone ought to do on a regular basis. During pregnancy, you might develop the tendency to sit in one place and do nothing for hours on end. This is actually not fruitful. So, instead, go for a relaxing stroll or a hike up a small peak if you feel game.

2. Eat right

Yes, you are definitely eating for two. While increasing your portions and eating healthy food is imperative, you also need to know that eating too much can cause pain. Even though you are allowed to give in to cravings once in a while, but make sure that you do not make it a habit. This includes eating outside and unhealthy food on a regular basis. Eat fresh food as much as possible and stay hydrated.

3. Rest

While it is important for your body to have some form of exercise during pregnancy, do not stress yourself too much. Being pregnant, in itself, is quite a task. So, if you feel like you do not want to walk anymore or finish that movie, take a ride back home or turn off the television - and just go to sleep. Sleeping adequately will help you a great deal with a balanced mental state.


4. Massage

Ask your partner to give you a massage once in a while or visit a spa once a month to get a good rub on your sore areas. This will not only help you relax, but also give some relief to all the sore and tense muscles that have built up over time. A massage will facilitate the release of pain-relieving chemicals (endorphins) in your body which will get your mind off of the pain.

5. Body Pillow

If you haven’t invested in a body pillow yet, do so immediately. Sleeping in about any position during pregnancy is a nightmare and a body pillow will be a great help. It will cushion your entire body and hence let you choose any position you feel comfortable in. After all, the quality of sleep matters just as much as the quantity.

6. Yoga, Acupuncture or Meditation

These are just a few alternative therapies that you can take up to ease your pain. Yoga is extremely powerful and has proven its strength on countless occasions. Likewise, acupuncture and meditation will help your mind and body to calm down.

You don’t necessarily have to take any classes for these things, just Google them or watch some YouTube videos. The internet will provide you with everything that you require. Yet, if you have any doubts, always speak to your doctor first.

After all, you’re going to be pregnant for a long time, might as well make yourself comfortable! 

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