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6 Benefits Of Feeding Oats To Your Baby


Benefits Of Feeding Oats To Your Baby

Oats are a species of cereal grain and grown for their seeds. This nutrient rich food is associated with lower levels of cholesterol if consumed on a regular basis. Oats are also considered healthy because of their following contents – protein, dietary fiber and minerals, vitamin B, carbohydrates, beta-glucans, etc. 

Oats reduce the incidence of heart disease in children as well as adults. So, they pose a lot of health benefits to babies. Here are a few of them:

1. Nourishment for babies with gluten allergies.

Nourishment for babies with gluten allergies

People who suffer from gluten allergy have a hard time finding foods that have all the required nutrients and minerals. Likewise, babies who have gluten allergies cannot consume grains such as wheat, rye and barley. Oats have the same vitamins and minerals that these said essential grains do. A diet that could have otherwise led to nutritional deficiency can now be wholesome and nutritious.

2. Oats help with constipation and immunity.

Oats help with constipation and immunity

Oats are rich in fiber which helps in curing constipation, especially in babies. Babies can get very irritable due to improper digestion. Hence, oats are a great way to curb this problem

Oats contain a type of sugar which is known as beta-glucans that boosts the production of immune system cells. Regular consumption of oats can lead to a healthy immune system - one that is extremely essential for a growing baby.

3. Anti-inflammation and Insulin sensitivity.

Anti-inflammation and Insulin sensitivity

Inflammation is caused due to multiple reasons which includes wounds and infections. Since babies are highly prone to these, oats can help them fight back inflammation. Oats contain a compound called avenanthramides which is anti-inflammatory.

Oats also reduce insulin resistance which reduces the occurrence or effect of diabetes.

4. Treats Reflux.

Treats Refllux

A lot of babies go through reflux and gastro esophageal issues during their early years. Oatmeal, being a solid food in the form of a thick puree, is considered not only safe but is known to reduce the incidence of reflux in many cases.

5. Healthy baby skin.

Healthy Baby Skin

Oats help in reducing skin conditions such as itching, eczema, rashes and inflammation. This in turn keeps your baby’s skin soft and smooth. All the nutrients in oats combined add to the healthy values derived from them. Oats, then, contribute to an overall physical health of your little one.

6. Magnesium benefits.

Magnesium Benefits

Oats are rich in magnesium which helps in a lot of bodily functions such as regulating blood flow, gaining healthy weight and muscle development. Babies who are fed oats from early ages also have a lower chance of asthma. This is because oats enhance the body’s immune system response.


Other than the above mentioned benefits, oats are packed with a variety of benefits for both children as well as adults. Oats are associated with lower blood sugar levels and are gluten free. They contain phosphorus, magnesium, copper, iron, folates, vitamin B1 and B5 and zinc. Oats are also rich in antioxidants and soluble fibers.

So, try to incorporate oats in not only your baby’s diet but yours as well!

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