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6 Benefits of Drinking Milk During Pregnancy


Milk is nature’s health drink. It gives you strong bones and teeth, energy and a variety of nutrients. While pregnant, your nutrient need increases and you need enough for your little one as well. Naturally, you need nutrient-rich foods that can give your baby the right nutrients, while keeping you healthy and nourished.

Milk is one such food, and while pregnant, you should have at least a glass of milk or other dairy products everyday, so that the calcium, vitamins and other nutrition can benefit you and your baby. Here are some reasons you should drink milk during your pregnancy

1. Bones and Teeth

As you may already know, milk gives your bones strength. How? Calcium! Calcium is an important during pregnancy because it keeps both yours and your baby’s bones and teeth healthy and strong. Your developing baby needs this nutrient for his bones and teeth. You need this nutrient to prevent bone loss later in life.

2. A Multivitamin Source

Milk and dairy products also give you a variety of vitamins from B Vitamins to Vitamin D - but especially Vitamin D. Calcium is needed for strong bones, but it is Vitamin D that allows you to use the calcium you get from milk! Vitamin D also keeps your pregnancy safe and healthy, and reduces the risk of miscarriages!

3. A Natural Cure for Your Acidity

Heartburn is a very common symptom during pregnancy, and you might be tempted to take an antacid medication, but naturally, you should avoid taking too much medication without your doctor’s advice during pregnancy. You might then think that your pregnancy heartburn will never end. But milk and dairy products like yogurt can help you feel better. Milk and yogurt are alkaline foods and can neutralize the stomach acids that are creating acidity for you. Yogurt is also great for your intestinal health as it has probiotics.

4. Baby health

Studies have found that when you drink milk during pregnancy, it benefits not only your newborn, but continues to later in their life. As a teenager, your child is likely to be taller, and have a lower risk of type-2 diabetes! What a great way to keep your child safe, right? Moreover, women who drink milk during pregnancy can also protect their children from more severe lifelong illnesses like multiple sclerosis (commonly called MS). So drink up for your little one’s sake.

5. Brain Development

Iodine is very important for your baby’s brain development. You also need iodine to allow your baby’s nervous system to develop. Iodine is found in very few foods - but a balanced diet should normally be enough to fulfil your needs of iodine. Milk is one such source of iodine. So include milk in your diet and let it help your little one grow to be the smart one that he is!

6. A strong mama and strong baby

You already know that proteins are important for your strength and that they can help you gain healthy weight. Your baby especially needs protein during your pregnancy so that you can avoid the risk of a low birth weight. Milk has proteins and amino acids that help your growing baby develop at a healthy rate during pregnancy.

Your nutrition during pregnancy is super important to ensure that your baby is born healthy and remains that way. So take care of yourself and give your body all that it needs.

How much milk do I need during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, you can consume around 3 cups of milk and dairy products to fulfil your calcium needs, which are very important to safeguard your and your little one’s bones. Moreover, feed only breastmilk to your baby until your doctor says you can. Babies cannot digest cow's milk just yet.

What Is the Safe Way to Consume Milk?

You should always consume pasteurized milk. Raw milk is not safe during pregnancy. Hygiene is a very important factor during pregnancy, and you should ideally boil milk before use.

You should also avoid milk and dairy products if you are lactose-intolerant or have allergies related to milk and dairy products.

But if you’re not allergic to it, now that you know the benefits of milk, drink up! Get yourself and your baby the gift of good health and strong bones!

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