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6 Baby Teething Tips That Are Really Helpful

A major milestone in any baby’s life is the moment he/she start developing teeth. For moms, it is a signal that soon your little one will be able to eat solid foods and will be able to speak clearly as well. The teething process takes its own time but the baby starts feeling the tingling sensation in his/her mouth and they start reacting accordingly. But during this process, the moms need to be extra careful so that they can prevent their little one from damaging the process or hurting the moms. And in order to help both you and your little one, we would like to give you some tips.

1. Breastfeed

Breast milk is filled with multiple nutrients and useful substances that give strength to the baby while also improving his/her overall strength. Also, when the teething process starts, the baby’s body starts producing various hormones. Breast milk helps improve the production of these hormones and therefore it is important that you feed your little one properly. But, make sure that your baby doesn’t end up biting your nipples every now and then. This biting can seriously injure you.

2. Pain relievers

It is highly likely that the baby will feel pain during the teething process as the gums are formed and teeth come out through them. So, you will find your little one crying every now and then because their jaw is hurting. In such situations, you can opt for consulting your paediatrician and getting some mild pain relievers for your baby. But, make sure that these relievers don’t affect the teething process of your little one in any way whatsoever.

3. Massaging the gums

Another thing that you can follow in order to reduce the pain in your little one’s gums and improve the teething process is massaging the gums. By massaging the gums, you will be able to relax the muscles and also improve the blood flow. Tense muscles are often the more painful ones and if you relax these muscles then the pain should significantly reduce as well.

4. Distracting them

This is something that can definitely work in your favour if they are crying a bit too much from the pain. Just do some things with them in order to distract them from the pain and they will definitely stop crying. This pain they are feeling is a necessary thing for their teeth to properly develop and thus all you can do is make it easier and comfortable for them.

5. Cold therapy

Another thing that moms can do in order to provide relief from the pain is cold therapy. This is how it works. Put a spoon in your refrigerator for some time and let it get cooler. Then, put this spoon in your baby’s mouth. This way you will be able to soothe the baby’s gums because of the cold feeling and making it slightly numb. This, in turn, will help reduce the pain they are feeling.

6. Chew therapy

Teeth are meant for biting things. And when these teeth are just coming out then letting them bite on something soft can really help. It is the action of biting and the pressure these developing teeth put that helps in flexing the muscles and easing them out. You can use various stuff toys or even just clothes for them to chew on. 

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