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6 Amazing Ways To Emotionally Connect With Your Child

Do you feel that your child is emotionally distant to you? Every parent wants their kids to experience only the bests of everything. But naturally, they will also come across a fair share of hardships. They will need your love and support as the backbone to their emotional strength in order to cope with such stressful times. But to share their problems and emotions with you, they need to feel emotionally very comfortable and connected to you.

The emotional connection of parents with their child develops with time through the numerous moments of ups and downs, highs and lows. Here are 6 amazing ways you can emotionally connect with your child:

Reading session with your child:

Studies have shown that engaging in a reading session with your child everyday helps with their language and reading skills development. It also helps you to create an intimate bonding moments with your child as a good-read will stimulate similar emotions in both of you and help your child to relate to you emotionally. They will learn to mimic your way of expressing feelings along with the vocabulary that will help them to put their emotions into words.

A DIY session with your child:

A simple DIY (Do It Yourself) session of any art or craft activities with your child has proved to be very effective in helping your child to open up emotionally. Art, of any kind, is well-known as a mode of expression that allows us to be expressive and portray our emotions with creativity. This technique is especially important for younger children who haven’t yet developed the vocabulary to express their feelings using words.

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Teach a skill:

You are your child’s first teacher and friend. Help them learn a few good life lessons or skills which will come in handy later in their future. Spend some quality time every weekend by teaching them to play or paint or even to fix their motorbike. Maybe every once in a month, take them out for fishing or trekking. This is a great way to not only help them to learn how to be independent but also to connect with them on a deeper level.

Fun activities:

Spend your leisure time doing some fun activities with your child like role-playing, sing-alongs, dance-offs etc. Children are very imaginative and love playing in their imaginary world. By engaging in such fun activities with your children, you allow them to see you as their friend. If they let you into their imaginary world and play enthusiastically with you, this means that they are starting to get emotionally comfortable with you.

Hugs and kisses:

Hugs and kisses

It is hard for your child to understand their own feelings which is why they struggle to express and link their feelings to what causes them to feel that way. Teach them to be affectionate and to express their emotions by showing them how to do. Tell them how you feel, show them your love by giving them hugs and kisses, cuddle with them and help them open up emotionally. Ask them questions to understand how they feel and help them recognize the causes.

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Listen to them:


Yes, listen to what have to say. Listen well to understand how they are feeling and not just because you have to say something in return. When your child feels that their words are being understood, they feel encouraged to open up and share their feelings. Try to understand from their perspective and correct them if needed, but in a polite manner.

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