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6 Amazing Bollywood Celeb Snapchat Profiles You MUST Check Out


As much as celebrities want to keep certain things about their lives private, there are some parts they love sharing with the public. Snapping lets you easily talk with friends, view live stories from around the world and explore news in discovery. Basically, it is the fastest way to share a moment! This craze is not only among the common people but also celebrities. Bollywood celebrities have not just made a global impact with their films, they have also taken social media by storm. Since Snapchat allows you to follow people, b-town celebrities have created their presence to attain a huge fan following.

Bollywood celebrities on Snapchat are fun to watch while experimenting and playing with new filters. It is also evident that the celebrities can't get enough of Snapchat - having totally mastered the art of Snapchat! After gathering quite a following on Twitter and Instagram, they make sure they stay in touch with their fans through Snapchat as well.

Though it is relatively new, many celebrities have already hooked on Snapchat. It's so much fun to watch our favorite stars act funny and play with the filters. The best part is, even we can put on those same filters and have the same fun! At the same time you can add more fun-filled stories to your Snapchat feed from these cool celebrities.

Here's a list of 6 celebrity Snapchat profiles you MUST follow on Snapchat or you will be missing out on your daily dose of glamor and showbiz!

#1 Shraddha Kapoor

username: @wanderlustmagic

 Shraddha is the one stop celeb who has embraced all filters of Snapchat that will never stop amusing you. If she is not shooting - there is a lot that her profile is going to offer you, keeping you laughing or smiling always.

#2 Varun Dhawan

username: @vartron

Varun is one to let you know that fun and excitement should never stop no matter how busy in life you may get!  

#3 Ranbir Kapoor

username: @RANBIRKA6000R

Here is a celeb that knows that freindship is important in all situations. Ranbir is the ultimate kind celeb who makes sure to thank any and everyone who helps him get his amazing work on the big screen.

#4 Alia Bhatt

username: aliaa.bhatt

Love to travel a lot? Which is your favourite place? Got too much work?

Sometimes you just want to get away and travel the world - but responsiblities or work might not let you do that. Having a travel celeb like Alia - you get to visit so many places, even though they may be in pictures!  

#5 Jacqueline Fernandez

username: @Jacqueen143

Another relatable celeb, Jacqueline is just nothing less than the Bollywood diva who lives even the smallest moments of her life. As we noticed with the little things that matter on Sonam's birthday - Jacqueline celebrates and enjoys even birthday's to let the public know that everyday is important!  

#6 Parineeti Chopra

username: @chopraparineeti

Parineeti is the perfect face to talk about the normalcy of a celeb's life. While you may be completely busy and drowning in work - your home is not only important but a safe harbour for you to destress or relax. This way - you know you will be a new and refreshed face once you get back to work!

You can have a slight look into the lives of these celebs who are absolutely addicted to Snapchat. They always ensure to capture their daily stories with it. This is a great medium for you to know what exactly your dream celebrity is always up to.

So what are you waiting for? Start following them and get the fun stories! 

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