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5 Witty Answers For "When Are You Giving Us The Good News?"



Congratulations! You just got married and started a new life as husband-wife. You would want to start this phase of your life by having fun and indulging in other lovely things that you would receive. Even the, the joyful bliss does not seem to last for very long.

Over enthusiastic family members and excited friends have a tendency of going overboard - talking about all the crazy things. Couples are then left with no option but have to deal with such questions. These situations and the reactions of the couple play a spoilsport in the amazing memories they were planning to create. One of these questions that are asked to the newlywed time and again is “when are you giving us the good news?” i.e. when is the couple having a baby. Upon being asked this, all the couple would do is to nod their heads in agreement and use a nervous grin to the barraging of inappropriate comments.

There should be better ways to keep the prying aunties of the neighborhood and the interfering relatives a little quiet. Here, we are giving you exactly that. Below are 5 witty and funny replies that you can use when you are being asked this question again!

1. If you are asked about the ‘good news’ by one of the aunties who have a son or daughter - married but still do not have a baby - you can ask them when they are getting a grandchild instead. Although, this may sound a little rude - it will definitely keep them quiet. They will never ask you such an intrusive question again. However, if you are witty enough and do not want to outright offend the other person, you can tell them that you are waiting for their child to give you the good news first and only then you will consider of having a baby!

2. Another amazing way of shutting down over excited friends is to lay down your whole plans for the future in a breath and leave them wondering what you just said - trying to comprehend it. You can tell them about your job plans, the project you are working on, the hours of effort your job requires, your plan for switching your job, or the promotion you have been waiting and working hard for. All this information will make it pretty clear to anyone who hears it that you are in no mood of having a baby in the immediate future. They will know that you are a professional and a career-driven person who wants to make it big in the world for yourself and having a child right now is the last thing on your mind that you want to focus on.

3. When people ask for the ‘good news’, start giving them good news literally. Tell them about the promotion you got and the salary bump you got with it. Tell them about the raise you will be getting or the bonus that was offered to you. Tell them about the new apartment that you moved in or the one you recently purchased for yourself. Give them loads and loads of good news about everything that is worth sharing in your life. You can watch them get irritated when you interpreted their question differently and gave it a new meaning. They can do nothing but nod their head along and congratulate you on your 'achievements'.

4. If a person asks you for the good news, you can, in turn, ask them when they are giving you the good news. This does not necessarily mean that you are asking them when they are going to have a baby but maybe when they are getting married or when are they moving abroad for higher studies as they have always told you. Such a redirection may take the other person by surprise and leave them speechless while saving you from the trouble of answering the question awkwardly.

5. Another way of answering this question is to tell the person opposite that when it is time they will get to know themselves about the good news. After all, the baby bump is not something that can remain hidden for long. Therefore when it starts to show, the other person can tell that their ‘good news’ will be arriving soon.

These are some of the witty answers that you can use when someone asks you about the good news really soon after your marriage. They will help you in keep the questions quiet leaving them no option to keep on prying in your personal life.

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