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5 Weird Things About Babies in the First Hour After They are Born

Babies are something that a lot of couples look forward to. Babies are what complete their life and help them pass on all the knowledge, love and affection that their parents had passed onto them. Pregnancy, labour and delivery are some of the most painful yet wonderful times of a woman’s life. After nurturing a human being in her body for 9 months straight, she finally gets to meet her loving child and bond with him/her. Yet, once a child is born the first few days are immensely critical and it is in this time when the little one truly adjusts to the world s/he is going to live in for the rest of their life. So, it is only obvious that they will undergo different changes while they are adjusting to their new life. And to tell you about these weird things about babies during their first few hours, we have made a list.  

1. Their body is covered with a cheesy substance

At birth, the baby might be covered in a yellowish-white substance. This substance is a coating of vernix caseosa that protects the baby’s skin from germs and keeps them hydrated when they are inside the amniotic fluid. It is a highly useful and important coating and so, sometimes it might be better to let them be covered in it a little bit longer. Once this coating is cleared, you will be able to see your little one’s skin clearly and properly.

2. They puke immediately after birth

When the babies are in the womb, they are covered with the amniotic fluid all across them. While in the womb, the baby doesn’t need to breathe and the amniotic fluid is sufficient to keep them alive. But, when they come out of the womb, they need to start breathing the air. For the lungs to be filled with air, the fluid from inside the lungs need to get out first. This fluid comes out in the form of the baby’s first puke. Once that is done, they are able to take their first ever breath.

3. Baby’s first poop

The first poop of your little one is generally black in colour and is known as meconium. This first poop is filled with amniotic fluid, skin cells and lanugo. The baby generally passes on this first poop on the first day after they start breastfeeding. After the first black poop, their excretion colour changes to green and then finally the usual yellow. So, that is one weird and gross thing you will have to look forward to.

4. Drawing blood from umbilical cord

Yes, in the womb, the baby gets most of his/her nutrition through the umbilical cord including the blood they need to grow. But once your little one comes out, the umbilical cord is clipped and your baby is separated from your body. But, this does not mean they are not getting the benefits of the umbilical cord. The umbilical cord that is left connected to them still contains some residual blood and nutrients. And your little one draws this blood and nutrient into himself/herself after they are born and have been cleaned up. Gradually, the absorption gets completed and the umbilical cord dries up and sheds away.

5. They burn brown fat

When a baby is born, the outside environment is comparatively much cooler for them as compared to the inside of the womb. To maintain their body temperature, their body burns this brown fat which is only available for babies. So, your little one comes prepared and all set for this new world they are stepping into and will live in for the rest of their lives.


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