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5 Ways You Can Deal With Post-Pregnancy Hair Fall

As a woman, you probably place some level of importance on your hair. It gives you your own personality, and you’ve learned to take care of it and give it its own gorgeous look. After all, don’t all women have such unique and beautiful hair?

So when you have to deal with hairfall, it can be quite stressful. Hair fall is a daily occurrence. Everyone loses some hair everyday, as a part of the hair growth cycle. During and after pregnancy, the quality of your skin and hair change considerably, and hair fall is one of those changes. Women experience a lot of hair fall after pregnancy - and you too might be going through the same. But this doesn’t mean that you’re balding or that you need to do more for your hair. It’s a normal thing!

Why Do You Lose Hair After Pregnancy?

During your pregnancy, you might have noticed that your hair became thicker and fuller and began to grow better. When you are pregnant, you have higher levels of the hormone estrogen in your blood. Estrogen is able to freeze hair in the growing (or ‘resting’) phase of the hair growth cycle, due to which hair that would have fallen out stays in place, giving you thicker hair.

But after you give birth, your estrogen levels soon start to drop and normalize, and this results in the hair that was ‘resting’ starts to fall out. Don’t worry, this doesn’t last forever, it is a temporary phase, and things will soon start to stabilise. The hair loss is purely hormonal, so you shouldn’t worry too much about it.

What Can I Do About It?

Postpartum hairfall is a normal occurrence which most or all women go through a few months after their delivery. While there’s nothing you can do to stop this hair fall, there are ways that you can deal with postpartum hair fall like a pro. Here are some of the things you can try:

1. Get a New Cut

Your life changes so much when you have your little one. And your character too, goes through a change. So why not mark this life-changing event with a change in hairstyle? Not only will it help you feel lighter, but getting your hair washed, cut and styled for you at the parlour might feel therapeutic and relaxing. Get a hairstyle that takes some weight off your roots so that your hair won’t look flat, but will have some volume and look thicker.

2. Style It Right

Some hairstyles can help your hair look thicker, whereas some can make it look flat or thinner. Go for hairstyles that not only suit your hair type but also help with giving your hair a voluminous and bouncy look. Add some texture to your hair as this will give your hair a look of freshness or a naturally wind-blown appearance, and that can add an illusion of volume.

3. Hair ornaments

Don’t be afraid to try new things! Hair ornaments can add a personal touch to your hairstyle, and it may allow you to even delay hair washes, which can help avoid your hair from drying up due to washing it too often. Try a bandana, scarf or band, and see how you can adjust these to give your hair a fuller appearance, or to conceal the thinning of your hair.

4. Take Care Of Yourself

You might be very busy taking care of your little one, but you should also take good care of your own health in the postpartum phase. Continue to eat a healthy, balanced diet, filled with nutrient-rich foods, so that you can nourish yourself and your baby adequately. Eating well, staying hydrated and simply making healthy choices makes a huge difference to your lifestyle. You should definitely not compromise on this front, because your nutrition also shapes your little one’s health.

5. Reduce stress

Stress can only aggravate the hormonal imbalances that come with pregnancy. While some stress about your baby, in reasonable measures, will not do you much harm, you should avoid stressing about too many things. Take help when needed, and practice techniques that reduce stress, whether it is taking a short walk or meditating for a few minutes. Stress can only make your postpartum symptoms like hair loss worse, so try to keep it in check.

The hair fall will soon end. Stay optimistic until then, and focus on the health of you and your baby for this period. No hair can define your beauty, so remember not to let that hair fall get the better of you!

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