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5 Ways to Strike A Balance Between Work and Personal Life

In today's cut-throat competition, it becomes quite a hassle for a woman to maintain a balance between her family and work life, and more so when she has a baby at home. Maybe you’re in this situation right now too. While your heart longs to be around your tiny munchkin 24x7, you also have professional responsibilities. This can take a toll on your health, affecting you physically, mentally as well as emotionally. Whether you’re working from home or involved in a full-time in-house job, the following tips can go a long way to help you find a balance between personal and professional life with elan, reducing tension and stress.

Involve your partner and family members: 

You don’t have to do everything all by yourself, ask for some help instead. A little help and support from your family can make things a lot easier for you. Distribute the household work and responsibilities wisely among the family members. If you have school-going kids, you and your partner (or other family members in the case of a joint family) can take turns to drop and pick them up from school. Similarly, you and your partner can also take turns to get the kids ready for school. In the case of a toddler, make sure to hire a responsible and experienced babysitter. In the case of any doubts, you can also install CCTV cameras at home to keep a watch on your baby and the babysitter. That way you can be a lot more relaxed at the office.

Find some time out for the family: 

Many women feel stressed out and guilty about not being able to give enough time to their families, especially children. You may also be taking work stress home. Unless it is very urgent, avoid doing job roles at home. Once you get home, freshen up and then spend an hour or two with the children, playing games, reading books, watching cartoons or indulging in some fun activities together. Try making it a point to have dinner together as a family so that there is time for discussion and bonding with the family.

Plan mini-vacations: 

Job stress can exhaust you physically as well as mentally. Thus, to rejuvenate yourself and to work with a renewed vigor, it is essential to break the monotony and plan short family trips and vacations. These vacations are also a great way to make up for lost time and strengthen your relationship with your partner and children. A weekend day out with the family to some beach or resort can also be quite fun.

Don't forget your partner: 

While your career and children are vital, don't forget your partner in the process. Stand by your partner just as they have stood by you, and don’t take them for granted. Once or twice a month, do something special for or with your partner. Plan a romantic date or a movie together and thank him for all his support. If you are too tired to go outside, you can always prepare his favorite dish at home. These small activities can do wonders for your relationship, strengthening it even further.

Discuss your priorities with the employer/boss: 

Never promise your boss something that you cannot achieve. Explain to your employer that your work and family both need your attention. You will never neglect your professional responsibilities, but they should not get in the way of your family life. A proper discussion with the employer can lessen the burden off your shoulders to a great extent enabling you to balance your personal and professional life without any problem.

A balance between work and personal life will help you lead a happier life and raise a happy family, but this balance is different for everyone, so give yourself some time to find your balance. Are you a working mom? How have you been managing your dual roles? 

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