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5 Ways To Make Your Child Sleep In Their Own Bed

Getting your child to sleep in their own beds can be a trying task for parents. What matters is how you go about putting your baby to sleep. The first step to training your little one to sleep on their own is to be ready for it yourself. There is going to be a whole lot of crying involved while trying to get your baby to sleep in their own bed. If you don’t get your toddler to sleep on their own, soon enough it is going to start affecting your relationship with your husband. So it is advised to train your baby to start sleeping in their own room. Not sure how to start? Read on! 

1. Take them out shopping

To get them excited about sleeping in their own room, get them involved in their room and bed. You can ask them to choose what bedding they would like, the blanket they want to use, stuffed toys and any nightlights or stickers they want in their rooms. You could arrange or set up the room together as well. At night, you can show them how the room looks and how it looks so much nicer than mommy’s and daddy’s room. Don’t say you are jealous though - they will ask you to sleep in their room!

2. Make them comfortable

You can start by putting them in bed, reading a story and sitting by their side for 10-15 minutes or until they nod off. You can go to your own room to sleep after this. Chances are that your baby may wake up later on and realise you are not with them. This is why you should give them a few soft stuffed toys to comfort them. You can also make use of some glow-in-the-dark stickers in classic shapes like moon and stars and stick them on the ceiling. A soft blanket and a night light will also help for kids who are afraid to sleep on their own. If they don’t like night lights, then just make the room dark enough for your child to be able to sleep peacefully. Make sure the temperature of the room is just right - not too hot or too cold.

3. Be persistent with your words and actions

Giving them all these things for comfort may not satisfy your child - they still want mommy! So if your little one comes knocking at your door or starts crying out for you, don’t give in and let them sleep in your bed. Instead, walk them back to their room, place them in their bed and calm them down by massaging their forehead, rubbing their tummy and chest or singing softly. Keep chanting to them that they will be okay sleeping on their own and that they can play with mommy and daddy in the morning. You can also tell them that they will grow stronger and smarter if they start sleeping on their own - a little white lie never hurt anyone.

4. Shower them with affection during the day

If you show your child love and affection only at night when you kiss them and cuddle them to sleep, they would be less willing to give up sleeping with the parents. So, make sure you do cuddle them and kiss them throughout the day so that they feel like they have been given enough attention and love.

5. Use the right words to encourage them

Instead of saying that they will have to sleep without mommy and daddy, tell them that they will now get to sleep in their own beautiful bed like a big boy/girl. Make it sound like it is something exciting that all the big kids do. You can even call them a little man or little lady for agreeing to sleep on their own. Positive words of encouragement will always help when you are trying to convince your child to do something new. This is a nicer thing to say to your child than saying, “you are too old to sleep next to mommy”. 


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