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5 Ways To Know If Your Kid Has ADD/ADHD

Has the thought of your kid having ADD or ADHD ever crossed your mind? As most of you must know by now, ADD or ADHD is a serious disorder, better known as – Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Signs and symptoms mostly become identifiable at an early age. Typically, by the age of 7 years, one can concur if the child is going through these disorders.

Here are some signs that you can look out for to find out if your kids have ADD/ADHD:

1. Can’t focus; Get easily distracted and bored.

Kids with ADHD can’t stay put in one place or concentrate for more than a little while. They get distracted by anything and everything that surrounds them, quite easily. They fidget, squirm, run around and don’t want to stick to one thing at a time. Kids going through this disorder tend to have difficulty in sitting still, playing quietly or even relaxing.

2. Talk excessively.

Kids suffering from ADHD tend to talk a lot, relentlessly. Sometimes, they can’t keep a track of their own conversation and go tangent from their original topic. Children suffering from ADD/ADHD have difficulty remembering things or following instructions.

3. Constant activity, Carelessness and Clumsiness.

ADHD can cause tardiness and constant hyperactivity. Kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are usually careless. They misplace belongings quite often and have enormous trouble meeting deadlines or planning ahead of time. This happens because they tend to keep skipping between activities in order to multitask and no single activity or project is wholly completed.

4. Intrude, Interrupt, have a low Emotional Quotient (EQ).

Kids suffering from these disorders intrude other people’s conversations and come across as disrespectful, though it is not their intention to be so. Inability to keep their emotions in check, results in angry outbursts or temper tantrums. Their need for attention and constant want to do something leaves them tired and deprives them of energy, which is their way of asking for help.

5. Depression, total withdrawal.

ADHD doesn’t just result in constant hyperactivity. Kids suffering from ADD/ADHD suddenly withdraw and get depressed without understanding the reason. This makes it all the more difficult for parents to figure out the next course of action. Two opposite sides of a spectrum can be seen in the same child suffering from ADHD.

Here’s something you should also know about kids with ADD/ADHD. They are brilliant in their own ways. Creative, Flexible, Enthusiastic, Spontaneous and Energetic. And when you do identify certain traits of the disorder, make sure to get some medical consultation. And you and your kid will do just fine.

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