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5 Ways to Keep Cold And Cough Away From Your Child This Winter

With the arrival of winters, the weather is going to become cooler and eventually the time will arrive when the immune system of the body will be at a weak point. During winter, since the body needs to keep the essential organs like brain, heart and lungs running, it starts preserving energy and reduces the exertion on other organs. This also affects the immune system and a weaker immune system coupled with the change in outside and inside body temperature might result in your little one falling sick. But, since prevention is always better than cure, there are a few ways that you can use in order to keep your child from catching a cold.

1. Make them wash their hands

During winters, kids often try to skip washing hands every time they come from outside or every time they touch something. And dirty hands are the most likely cause of children catching a cold or a cough. So, no matter how cold the weather is, make them wash their hands every time they come from outside.

2. Get them a flu vaccine

Flu is one of the most common diseases that the child often catches and ends up getting sick. So, it is often recommended that you get your child a flu vaccine every time the getting ill season is around the corner. This will help them build an immunity and will surely help to keep your little one disease-free throughout the season.

3. Keep them away from crowded places

The more people your child is around at a given time, the higher is their chance of catching some disease. During winters especially, even if you or your child is not sick, someone or the other might be and there are high possibilities that your little one might catch something. So, it is advised to keep them away from the crowded places.

4. Eat and sleep well

The most effective way to keep not only cough and cold but also all the other sorts of illnesses at bay is to have a proper diet and get a decent amount of rest. Children often don’t pay much heed to a healthy and nutritious diet and thus it is your responsibility to provide them with the best nutrition. On the other hand, being tired due to improper sleep has often been seen to be a likely cause of the cold. The reason for it is that since the brain is overworked, it ends up weakening the immune system.

5. Teach them to cover their mouth

With keeping your child safe it is also important that you teach them the manners they need to have in order to not spread the illness. Thus, it is important that you teach them to cover their mouth every time they cough or sneeze so as to not give the illness to your younger child or anyone else.

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