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The final trimester is the most exciting part of the pregnancy journey. Moms are just moments away from meeting their little darling(s) for the very first time! It can also be the most painful part with a number of false alarms and of course - Braxton Hicks. This is why so many mothers opt to induce labour - they would be able to meet their baby and say goodbye to those labour pains.

But inducing labour with medications can seem scary especially if you are a first time pregnant moms. You would want to try out natural methods of inducing labour before opting for medications. So if you are already in your 38th week without any signs of labour, you may want to try these out:

1. Get up and get grooving!

This is the best and most fun way to get your labour started. All you need to do is sway your hips to the beats of your favourite dance song. This will enable your baby to move down to your pelvis. You can ask your husband to join you. Similarly, some simple exercises can help move your baby. Try walking, lunges (taking support of a table/wall), climbing stairs or slow, gentle hip rotations.

2. Acupuncture/Acupressure

Acupuncture can help stimulate labour by carefully placing needles at different parts of the body. This is meant to balance out the energy levels in your body. Similarly, acupressure can also help induce labour by focusing the pressure on different points on your body (no needles involved here). As with any medical procedure, it is best to consult your doctor about whether this is a safe method of inducing labour for you.

3. Pineapple

It is popularly known that pineapple can help induce labour. This is because pineapple contains bromelain - an enzyme that helps soften the cervix and hence induce labour. You can either eat pineapple slices or drink the pineapple juice. Do keep in mind that you would have to consume a lot of pineapple for it to be able to induce labour and contractions.

4. Raspberry Leaf Tea

Drinking tea helps to strengthen and thicken the uterus and prepare it for labour. Red raspberry leaves are particularly good for labour. It helps ease the contractions thus making it easier to give birth. It is said that even if it doesn’t successfully induce labour, it will help cut down the duration of labour and improve the efficiency of contractions.

5. Spicy food

If you eat spicy food regularly, then this tip will not work for you. This should work if you eat it on rare occasions or if you normally avoid it. Try having a spicy curry with rice and see if it helps. You could also try biryani or spicy Thai food. Avoid anything too spicy though - you wouldn’t want to have indigestion problems.

Do keep in mind that these methods don’t always work. For some moms, these tips will help. For others, it may have no effect. So if none of these methods work, you can either wait for a little more time or ask your doctor to help induce labour. Medications are a sure-shot way to induce labour.

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