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5 Ways To Help Your Kids Through Depression

Depression has spiked sharply in the kids vacuuming them into emptiness and despair. It not only affects their mental health but also leads to irritability and frequent mood swings. It’s like a dark cloud that hides their goodness and skills and brings out the worst side of them. They often feel isolated and trapped inside their own rage of emotions. If your child seems anxious and doesn’t interact with others then don’t wait to watch for other signs of depression.

 Sometimes it’s better to help your child even before the symptoms appear. Here’s the list of depression coping strategies to fill the life of your kids with positivity and happiness. 

Right diagnosis reduces the severity of depression

We often don’t pay attention to irrational outbursts and anxiety disorders that are prevalent in kids when they’re suffering from depression. We feel it’s just the swing in the hormones or a mild fluctuation in the mood which often worsens the situation. It can be hard to accept that your kid is suffering from depression but the soon you’ll realize the less difficult it’ll be for your kid to recover. Whenever you see a loss of interest or a pervasive feeling of negativity in your kids try to talk to them and analyze their situation. Encourage your kids to walk in the sun whenever a storm hits their life.

Instil the feeling of positivity

Positivity is the medicine that can fight with every ailment of this world. Whenever your child gets surrounded by deceiving thoughts it becomes important to eradicate these thoughts through the light of positivity. Try to make them aware of their qualities, skills, and achievements and make them realize that even when they feel they lack on to something they weren’t born to master the world but to take pride in their imperfection which makes them unique and special. Snap their fingers and tell them if they want to feel better they will.

Listen to them

Sometimes all your kids need is someone to listen to them without being judgemental. You need to be a compassionate listener to know about every small and big thing that is happening in your kid's life. This will also give your kids the security that they can turn back to you whenever they’re ready to talk or are feeling depressed. When you hear your kids without behaving as an advice Guru or a problem solver they feel you understand them without highlighting the good and bad about them. Sometimes it’s more important to understand their problems rather than showing them a hundred ways to fix it.

Put yourself in their shoes

If you feel your kid's world is a fairytale then it’s time to do the reality check. If your kid is facing a problem it can be as severe as yours. Never make the mistake of neglecting their situation because they don’t match up to your age. It’s often better to put yourself in their shoes and then realize the severity of the situation. This will also help in easy redressal of their problem as once you would put yourself in their situation you would know how to come out of that situation with ease. For example when you feel frustrated to see them down remember the times when you have felt low at the workplace or other areas and this will work like magic to eradicate any sort of misery or depression that your child is facing.

Build a warm and loving relationship

Kids can have lots of ups and downs in their lives. But when they have a secure and loving relationship with their parents it acts as a protective shield against depression. Remember the less your child will express the more he’ll trouble himself with negative emotions. When they know they have someone to take care of themselves they’ll feel secure even in the toughest times. Help them solve their problems and make this world an easier place for them to navigate through the essence of your love and support.

Depression can become much bigger in your kids than it is if you don’t give your time and thoughts to eradicate their insecurities, worries, and anxieties. Whatever the problem is to talk to them and find out what’s troubling them. If you can’t make it go away you can at least do something to help them get through it.  

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