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5 Ways To Help Your Husband Bond With Baby In The Womb

During pregnancy, mom and baby share a close bond, considering that you are carrying your baby, and will always hold it close. Your husband can feel pretty left out of this bond, as he does not have the same direct connect with the baby that you do. It is important to help him bond with the baby in-utero.

For a mother, bonding with the baby in the womb happens naturally. But for the father, bonding with the baby in the womb takes some effort and can feel like a transformative experience that truly helps them embrace fatherhood.

There are many ways to help your better half bond with the baby and get him to feel included in your pregnancy. Here are some of them:

1. Go For Scans Together


That first ultrasound scan is an emotional moment. Seeing your little one on the screen, as well as getting to hear the heartbeat makes your pregnancy feel all the more real and there will most likely be happy tears in the room! Go for this scan as well as the remaining scans together. Hold each other’s hand, and enjoy a mom and dad moment together.

2. Take Some Classes Together

There is no shortage of prenatal classes these days. Whether it’s a birthing class, or an exercise class, or even an appointment with your doctor for advice on breastfeeding - involve the husband! Husbands often feel left out of your mom and baby bond, and it can be difficult for them to feel involved unless you let them know that they are just as important.

3. Ask Dad To Sing To The Baby

Talking to the baby is the easiest way to bond. But have you thought of letting your husband put up a show for the little one? Encourage your husband to talk or sing or read a story for the baby in gentle, soft tones. Not only does it prepare him for his days of reading bedtime stories, it also helps dad feel a little closer to the baby.

4. Do You Feel That?


Feeling that first kick is special for a mom because it comes from within your body. But you actually have to tell your husband about these kicks so that he knows about them. Make sure you let him know about your baby’s kicking, as well as involve him as much as you can in feeling those movements. They give both of you a feel of your future baby!

5. Ask For His Help


You may be a supermom and decide to handle everything yourself, but this may not be very good for you or your relationship. Take some rest, ask your hubby to help, and let him you know you appreciate his support. Knowing that he is a part of this pregnancy can greatly help him associate with it! Don’t do it all by yourself when you have your caring and loving dear husband by your side.

Dads love their baby and want to be as involved and needed in their life. Make sure you get them involved in your pregnancy, so they know that they are not going to be on the sidelines of the special mom and baby bond.

How do you help your hubby bond with the little star? Let us know!

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