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5 Ways To Handle Your Kids Tantrums And Give Them A Good Chuckle

If your kid acts like a drama queen and often throws tantrums then do you need to be a ninja mom to tame them down? Parents often find it difficult to deal with their kid's tantrums while they’re busy doing endless errands. The next time your kid has a meltdown over a box of chocolate or his favourite bunny try using these badass tips that will not only ward off his tantrum but will also calm him down.

1.Never lose your own cool

Don’t lose your cool and feel frustrated when your kid throws a fit. According to a research, the kid’s tantrums don’t last for more than three minutes. The storm will easily pass if you don’t fall into the anger trap and worsen the situation. You can try following the mantra of “You can handle this” to brace yourself in such a situation. You can even take several deep breaths to avoid overreacting in such a situation and the worst part will be over by the time you’ll get ready to handle this.

2.A hug can snap out your kid’s bad mood

Sometimes it becomes important to acknowledge your kid’s feelings. The magic of hug can shorten your kid’s tantrum dramatically. Imagine your kid is crying over his broken toy and you come and give him a tight hug. He’ll instantly forget half of his grief and will feel relieved when he’ll know that you care for him. When we’re upset we want others to understand us and help us get over it. When you hug your kid he develops a feeling that you’ll hear him and give a fix to his problems.

3.Be a role model for your kid’s calm behaviour

When the kids see the hissy fit of their parents they start replicating the same and end up being an uncontrollable ball of fire. Never ever slam the door when you’re upset or throw things on the floor if you had a big fight. Your kids will learn from your own actions. If you’ll model them to be furious and rude they’ll end up being the same. Learn to control your emotions and behaviour as your kids are watching you and won’t be able to put the whole episode out of their mind be it good or bad.

4.Look for the reasons that bring out the worst in him

One of the best ways to have full control over your kid’s tantrums is by trying to find out the possible reasons when your kids behave in an unexpected way. If it is over-simple chocolates and toys you can try offering him snacks or his favorite candies and divert his attention but if it’s over something that’s bothering him like a stranger who makes him feel uncomfortable or a fight with his best friend you can get the clues of something that can end up this tantrum into sadness and grief for your kids.

5.Offer him a little preemptive bribe for good behaviour

Kids often feel encouraged to behave nicely when they’re praised or are given incentive for being calm and compassionate. This kind of bribery can instantly whip your child back into shape without a yelling match. While you’re going to the grocery store you can tell your child “if you behave well we’ll let you watch your favourite cartoon show when we get home”. It’s amazing how this can instantly lift up his mood and encourage him to behave well.

You can easily handle your kid’s tantrums like a pro by following these simple tips. It’s always advisable to start using these tips as soon as you see the alarming signs of impending doom in your kids.  

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