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5 Ways to Ease Stomach Pain in Babies

Has your baby been acting a little too fussy off late? You might have a case of stomach pain. Since your baby can't tell you where it hurts, they give you signs like: crying more than usual, making faces that show pain, not sleep or eating.  

You will have to pick up on such signs and treat your baby accordingly. There are different reasons for a tummy ache, each of them are common among children - so no need to worry! Here are a 5 general treatments for any kind of tummy ache:

1. Heating pad

Use a heating pad on your baby’s tummy. Ensure that the heat is an optimal amount based on the age of your child. The heating pad swiftly soothes the pain and calms your child down. Once it gets cold, reheat and repeat until your baby has calmed down. Your next step is to immediately consult a doctor regarding this.

2. Rub the feet

The feet and hands have a thousand nerves. Your task is to massage these nerves which helps soothe any sort of pain. This also forms a distraction for your baby. Massage the feet in a circular motion or a caterpillar motion i.e. press one spot, move a little forward and repeat. Once the nerves on the feet have relaxed, you can check if your baby is still in tremendous pain. If it is a continuing case, you might have to consult your doctor immediately.

3. Nibble on yogurt

Yogurt helps with basic stomach cramps. Let your child nibble on yogurt for as long as they like as this will help soothe the pain. This remedy can only be applicable for a certain age group of children and not all. Yogurt helps replenish the good bacteria in the stomach that might have been washed away due to diarrhea.

4. Milk allergies

Your baby might be having a milk allergy. In case you have changed the milk you are giving your baby, it might be the cause of the pain. Before you go back to the old milk, make sure you clear your baby’s stomach. Get them to drink lots of water as this will clear out the toxins. Now you can go back to giving your baby the old milk. If the pain continues, you will have to consult your doctor as soon as possible.

5. Tummy rubs

Sometimes just a simple tummy rub in circular motions can help ease the pain. The trick is to make the tummy warm so that your baby can poop. Ensure that the tummy rub is not too hard, but with adequate pressure. You can also try putting you baby down across your knee and rubbing the back. This helps sooth the pain as well.  

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