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5 Ways to Deal With Jealousy In Your Marriage

Man is a social being. Humans enjoy the comfort, safety and sense of belonging that their different relationships give them. Especially in a marriage or romantic relationship, we cherish our partner and enjoy knowing that they value us just as much, maybe even more. So it is natural that we may get a little jealous or insecure when we do not receive such affection or attention. While a little jealousy in a relationship cannot be too bad, being very jealous or insecure for too long can hurt you as well as your partner and in the long run, your relationship. 

The reason for your jealousy is the fear that you could lose your loved one’s affection. This is a fear all people have, but it should never spill into the dynamics of your relationship. Many people have jealous partners or are extremely jealous when it comes to their relationships. Jealousy is not restricted to just men or just women. Both men and women are guilty of this.

But rather than being caught up on this issue, both of you can work together as partners, on their feelings of jealousy, and do your relationship a big favour. Here are some ways you can work on making your relationship healthier:

1. Trust each other:

Relationships should be built on trust. If you love each other, you need to be able to believe that your partner will be loyal, and thus believe them and have some faith in them. Doubting your partner will only upset them and make you feel exhausted.

2. Realize your worth

Sometimes, jealousy comes from a place of low self-esteem. It is important for you to value yourself more than you value anyone else. Without self-worth, you are going to think of the worst possible outcomes and strain your relationship.

3. Communicate openly

If something your partner does bothers you, it is better to talk to them about it calmly than to overthink it and expect your partner to read your mind. Talk to each other so that you can find the real issues that you want to resolve together.

4. Give each other space

As much as you love each other, it is unhealthy for you to spend all your time thinking of or talking to each other. Take some time for yourself, or go out with your best friends once in a while. Ladies, go out for dinner with your girls, and men, do the same with your guy friends! You’ll not only enjoy yourself but also avoid monotony. 

5. Set relationship rules

As 'uncool' as this may sound, you should decide on a few dos and don’ts in your relationship, and you should do this with the mutual agreement of your partner. Agree on a few things that both of you think should be kept out of the relationship and act on those rules. It always helps to have clarity while working on your relationship.

Finally, remember that jealousy will not draw your partner closer to you. It will make you push each other away instead. Always remember that you are in the relationship together and as such, should work together on strengthening its trust.

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