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5 Ways for Soothing Baby After a Vaccination

Watching your baby wailing in the doctor’s office after being vaccinated is one of the most heartbreaking and mortifying scenes you will ever have to witness as a new parent. The poor little baby crying in pain from the bunch of needles he or she was stuck with. At this time, you may want to do anything to ease your baby’s pain but you find yourself at loss as to what you can do to help your baby. We are sharing some tips that will help you to soothe your baby after a vaccination. 

1. The 5 S’s: 

These include swindling, side/stomach position, shushing, swinging, and sucking. Swaddling includes wrapping up the baby in cosily and snuggly in a blanket as they do at hospitals. Side/stomach position means to lay baby on his or her side or stomach. Shushing means to calm the baby and stop him or her from crying by making shush sound or any similar sound. Swinging involves to swing baby in your arms or making use of a baby swing. Sucking means to offer baby a pacifier, or your breast for feeding.

2. Get them some quiet time: 

The hustle and bustle involved in a vaccination may be too much for the babies to process. They may become irritated, refusing to eat anything for hours. In a situation like this, you should plan some quiet activities in a silent room at home, where the baby can rest and play. Make sure that the baby is wearing comfortable clothes and that the temperature of the room is cool and pleasant.

3. Distraction game: 

One of the most efficient way to help your baby calm down and forget the pain after being vaccinated is to try to distract him or her. Grab their attention with their favourite toy or a new gift. Switch on the TV or play some songs. The babies are much better at being in the present moment, and distractions like this make their focus to quickly go from pain to fun and makes them forget the pain.

4. Feed them: 

Feeding your baby may help in relieving the pain caused by the vaccination. In a study, it was found that the baby who was breastfed cried less during the vaccination. However, it is recommended to feed your baby after the vaccination as there is a chance that the baby may throw up during the vaccination if they have just been fed.

5. Give them sugar: 

Sugar helps in the readily taking medication by the babies. Apart from that benefit, it is also significantly helpful in reducing the intensity of the sting of the vaccination. For babies under the age of six months, the sugar does the trick. You can dip the pacifier in sugar water so that the baby can suck on it or you can feed your baby a little amount of sugar water before the vaccination.

Crying after being vaccinated is a natural thing, and the baby will settle down after being cuddled and spending some calm moments with you. The parental concern has a direct effect on increasing the baby’s distress. You too should try to remain calm and focus on the importance of vaccination rather than the pain it causes to the baby.

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