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5 Ways Floor Cleaners Affect Your Child's Health

Children are the future !! We are ready to do anything for the well being of our children. If at all something tragic happens to any child, it creates a sad environment and it always stays in our mind and heart. If at all one asks a new parent about his/her toddler’s diet, they’ll know everything from start to end ...all the ingredients in it ..what is good for the kid and what not. Suppose if you ask the same with respect to a floor cleaner or any other cleaner, used to clean the floors of the house on which their toddler plays around happily, they have limited information or no idea of what they contain or what harmful effects they can have on your child.Household cleaners with harsh ingredients don't only kill germs and get out tough stains. They can affect your baby's health in a number of ways. Here’s the shocking truth, which parents have to know about, how floor cleaners can affect a child’s health…

1. Ammonia: Its one of the major ingredient present in glass and floor cleaners. It’s mostly used as a cleaner as it evaporates completely and doesn't leave a streak or so. But this a powerful inhalant and when inhaled leads to asthma and various respiratory illness. Imagine your child growing in his home with such a chemical present right in front our eyes… shocking isn’t it!!

2. Phosphates: These are the main ingredients of every cleaner you have in your home. Upon inhaling them, your little one might be prone to develop bronchitis, cough, and phlegm accompanied by shortness of breath.

3. Chlorides: Chlorine in any form is dangerous because it is a strong chemical which, upon inhaling, causes dizziness, headache, nausea, chest pain and muscle weakness. Children are always playing on the floor and they get affected easily by them.

4. Alkylphenol ethoxylates: This can interfere with the body's natural chemical processes, either by blocking or mimicking the actions of hormones. Possible health effects include increased rates of birth defects and increased chances of some kinds of cancers. This is a dangerous chemical which is mixed with cleaning liquid to provide better cleaning efficiency.

5. 2-Butoxyethanol: Its a key ingredient in many window cleaners and gives a characteristic sweet smell but when exposed to lots of it, it leads to severe liver and kidney damage.

Imagine a small child with no knowledge of any of the toxins present in his/her home, especially the things that are supposed to keep everything clean and safe is actually causing the harm. What does one do when this is the case ?? which product to trust and ensure the safety of one’s child??

The answer to this lies here, we have a brand new product called “Tinystep Floor Cleaner’. The amazing thing about this cleaner is that it has no harmful chemicals added to it and the stuff present in the liquid is all organic in nature. Even if your child plays or crawls around the room, no harmful chemicals are gonna be inhaled by him and the lil one’s safety is our priority as well. This is a go green and natural product which provides a refreshing aroma and its within everyone’s budget too. As they say, a safe family is a happy family, go get these and save your family from harmful cleaners. As I started Children are the future!!

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