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5 WARNING Signs To Look For After Cesarean Surgery

Giving birth to a baby not just depicts the birth of a baby but also signifies the birth of a mother. There is joy and celebration in the lives of the new parents and their families. It is extremely amazing as to how only women are entitled to this wonderful experience of carrying a new life within her for 9 months and then nurturing and raising them to be wonderful human beings.

Just like the way every mom-to-be has to take exceptional care of herself during pregnancy, she needs to take double the care of herself post delivery. Whatever bodily changes have occurred throughout those 9 months of childbearing have to get back to normalcy. Every woman needs to be aware of the warning signs after undergoing childbirth, especially if she has had a C-section.

Although it is a safe method to deliver the baby, it is an intense surgical process. Just like any other surgery, it involves a high risk of infection. Since you’re trying to cope up with your new routine with life and your baby, it is highly possible that you might not notice the red flags your body is indicating.

Here are the 6 important to watch out for after having a cesarean operation:

1.High fever

If your body temperature is more than 100.4 F, it could be a sign of infection. If you feel a stinging pain in your abdomen while having a fever, then you need to visit a doctor immediately.

If you ignore the infection in its initial stages, it will get worse in the coming days. If you have a fever in the first 10 days after having a c-section, you must go to the doctor. It could be a urinary tract or breast infection thus you have the high fever.

2.Persistent pain

You will experience pain post-surgery as your body has undergone a major operation. After undergoing the surgery, you will have pain in the wounded area but if you have severe and consistent pain around your incision, it is a bad sign. You should never ignore the pain in the abdominal and pelvic region.

3.Excessive vaginal bleeding

It is normal to have a gush of blood flow through your vagina for the first few days after the surgery. The bleeding normally wears off in a few weeks time. But if you continue to have heavy bleeding, it is a matter of concern.

If you have a discharge that has a foul smell should be brought to the doctor’s attention immediately. If you see blood in your pee, head to the hospital urgently.

4.Wound Discharge

If you contract an infection on the incision site, then you’re sure to have some miserable postpartum days. The incision is on the outer surface of your skin as it is exposed to air and friction. Some amount of discharge from the incision is expected and normal, but if you spot excessive discharge, it is a matter of concern. If there’s yeast infection around the area of the incision, it will give out a foul smell. You must consult your doctor immediately.


If you have a swollen, red incision, it requires immediate attention. If the swelling is increasing on the cut, then it is highly likely that you’ve contracted an infection and that it needs the doctor’s attention on an emergency basis. In this case, your ankles and legs also tend to get swollen.

Now that you know of these red flags to watch out for after having a C-section, you must take care of yourself to avoid contracting any kind of infection. 


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