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5 VERY Easy and Adorable DIYs for Your Baby's Homecoming


The wait is finally over mommies! Your baby’s homecoming is full of happiness and enjoyment. There is so much excited to get all things perfectly right for your precious newborn. It could be the food, clothing, crib, temperature, etc.

When you are at home, you feel like you can get things just the way it is needed right? In fact, home is the best place keep a check on all things that are safe and natural. So, here are the 5 MOST adorable and easy DIYs for the best homecoming for your little baby! 

1. For that soft and safe skin!

A powder will be ensuring that the more moist areas of your baby’s body are dry - while also not making your baby uncomfortable or weepy. This recipe is simple and easy to use.

DIY powder ingredients:

- Kaolin clay

- Arrowroot powder

- Chosen dried herbs to deodorize

Mix the desired amount of kaolin clay with herbs and not more than a spoon of arrowroot powder in a clean bowl. Then, transfer the powder mix to a more easy, cleaned and convenient bottle for future use.


The clay is the most versatile, safe for any sensitive skin and an effective adsorbent. While arrowroot is a better, natural and milder alternative to the more harmful cornstarch - but still has a few matching traits with cornstarch. Thus, make sure to use as little as possible because it is used to only make the powder more fine. Herbs are a better alternative and safer than essential oils which are more suitable for adults.


Test some of the powder first before putting it on the skin of your baby directly. This way they are not in any danger of inhaling anything dangerous. Further, try to get a professionally advised powder for babies younger than 3 months. Their skin is even more sensitive than older babies. So, this powder recipe is best for older than 3 months babies.

2. For a fun bath time

Bath products keep your precious one’s skin not only clean but super soft as well.

DIY shampoo ingredients:

- 1 part water

- 1 part any safe baby soap that you use for your little baby

Mix the two ingredients in a clean bowl. Then store the shampoo in a convenient and clean bottle.


Bath times need to be comfortable, fun and as tear-free as possible. A natural alternative like this shampoo will help keep a lovely smile on your baby’s face when having a bath.


You should shake before using the shampoo. When massaging into scalp, try to avoid the eyes. This is because however natural components are - they cannot be 100% tear proof. If there is an accidental case of the shampoo getting into your baby’s eyes - it a little easy to rinse it out when compared to commercial shampoos.

Also, keep in mind that your child's hair does not need to be shampooed every day. Doctors have said that over-washing strips hair off it's natural oils. Thus, it is recommended to wash your baby’s hair two times a week.

3. Your baby’s DIY safe-play

Along with good skin and bath time - your baby needs time to move and explore. A handmade toy will help you ensure that your baby enjoys the best thing that they deserve.

DIY toy material:

- 2 safe and clean cloth

- Quality polyester stuffing

- Strong thread (colours of your choice)

- Needle

A simple toy is best for a young baby like yours to get enough things to observe and explore. Thus, you must limit your cloth to only two. Taking one cloth - shape it into the kind of toy you want for your baby. Then, stuff the cloth and cover it with the other cloth. Tightly and safely sew the two cloth together. Now, you can add as many features you want - making sure that everything is tightly sewn together.


With commercial toy companies promising ‘safe’ toys - many children are getting affected by the toys they are playing with. Such a DIY will help you ensure that not only are you giving your baby a safe toy but also a an age-appropriate toy.


Always use strong thread and hand sew everything - trying not to use beads or buttons. From eyes and mouth to clothes and other features - all should be strongly tied up. This can be done before your baby’s arrival because you enough time to start bonding with your baby already. Stuffing from the middle will help the fabric from not harming the baby.

4. The colourful decor


Your baby’s time in the room needs to be as exciting as possible to make sure they sleep soundly.

DIY wall hangings materials: Pictures that could be of the family, just full colours, or educational like alphabets.

Taking someone’s help, get some thread hung from points on the wall that your child can see the hangings but not get hurt by them. Then, see how the smiles and giggles continue - never stopping till they slowly feel sleepy!

5. The life savers

Courtesy: Think Crafts!

Need some nap-time?! This is the BEST solution for those nights that you want to take some much-needed rest.

DIY door latch cover material:

- Fabric pieces of your choice

- Fleece is optional, only if you wish to fill out the cover more

- Needle

- Strong thread

- Spare elastic band

Cut many fabric pieces with a 4x6 inch measurement. Many fabric pieces are not required if you are planning to use fleece. You can use a ruler to get as accurate you want the measurement to be.

Once you the fabric in place - get two plastic bands sandwiched in the middle. Then, get some strong thread and tightly sew the fabric together with the band. Now, no more will you disturb a just put-down-to-sleep baby!

Which ones are you going to try first?! Do you have more ideas you want share? Comment and share ladies! 

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