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5 Types of Parents That Are There In the World

We all know that one friend whose parents just don’t say no. Whether it’s a sleepover or a concert or the new PlayStation, they will give their son everything they want. The lucky bastard of your circle.

Well, you may not have the lucky bastard in your circle, but you will definitely have the poor chap who has to be at home all the time. Whether it’s for a movie, or late night Fifa or even for group studies he always says a no. You that one friend don’t you? Say something? Oh, you are that person in your group! I know how it feels to be that person brother.

There are various different types of parents, but they can be put in five major categories. Let’s look at them and decide which category do our parents fit in.

1. Autocratic: 

This is the deadliest of all types. Their word is the law. No matter what, they will make you do what they. Children having such parents never hear choices. All they know is orders, which they have to follow. It does not end at following orders, you have to ensure everything is done up to the mark. Just doing is not enough. If your parents decide your sleep time is 9:30, your eyes have to be shut by then, just laying on the bed is not enough. You will grow up to be an extremely disciplined and well-mannered kid.

2. The protective parents:

No one is as innocent as their kids. According to such parents, the world is an extremely evil place and it will only spoil their child. The protective parents more often than not take their child’s side. They think their child cannot do anything wrong. These parents are hated the most because if the child does not score well, it is the teacher’s fault Be careful not get caught doing anything nasty with their kids because no matter whose fault it is, you are the one going to be blamed.

3. The dynamic twosome: 

We just love this type, don’t we? As long as your wish is not too unreasonable, they will grant it. No permission issues, no scolding, no interference as long as we get our work done fairly well. They will probably choose your outfit for the party and play Xbox every evening with you. Rules are set at home democratically. Relationship problems? You know who are your go-to people. Pocket money problems? Not with such parents. You know your friends have the dynamic twosome type of parents when they post a lot of pictures with them on social media.

4. The melodramatic parents:

When you have such parents you are better off not sharing stuff with them to avoid the drama. Whether you get selected in the local spelling bee competition or score 5 less in math than the previous semester, your parents will react in the filmiest fashion. They are the ones who will hire the strictest tutors if you score a little less and buy you the latest Apple product if you rank 5th in class. You will probably celebrate your 18th birthday with the entire neighborhood. Whatever the situation, your parents will go all out when responding to it. “Your parents care so much about you dude. Wish my parents were so caring.” “Cool then let’s exchange parents for a year.”

5. The moderate ones:

They are a little bit of everything. You will get scolded when required, and rewarded when you deserve. You will neither have too many sleepovers, nor none at all. They know where to draw the line and where to let loose. You will never have an extravagant party, but no birthday will go without celebration. Being at home will be boring at times, but being away for too long will make you miss home.

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