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Marriage is a union of two people of different backgrounds, thoughts, and feelings. They come together to form a family. No two marriages are alike. What works for one married couple, may not work for another. That’s the beauty of marriage. It is an opportunity to find a unique way to be happy with the mate of your soul. As true as that is, it is also true that marriages fall into different types. Here are the five different types of marriage relationships which could befit your current situation.

1. Fight?! No!!

They are conflict avoiders. Even if the world is coming crashing down, they don’t fight and shun conflicts and confrontations. Instead, this type of couples congratulates each other, express positive thoughts about each other and maintain the balance between independence and interdependence. They appreciate each other’s individuality. To be precise, this kind of couples easily accepts the fact that they are two separate people with different interests. This keeps the couple happy and stable.

In fact, these are the couples with the best success rate and being in this kind of relationship is the best experience of life.

2. Emotional couple

This is the type of couple who become intensely emotional during fights. During a conflict, they persuade to succeed. They debate and argue a lot, but not at the cost of other’s feelings. They neither disrespect nor insult each other. The debates are usually light-hearted and filled with laughter, sense of humor and shared amusement.

The problem with these couples is they have no clear boundaries around their individual world leading to enormous overlapping of the individual worlds. Though they are true in their love and honesty towards each other, they struggle to clearly define their roles.

3. Balanced couple:

They are a neutral couple, in between the non-fighter couples and emotional couples. They enjoy being in each other’s company and enjoy spending time together. They emphasize on understanding the point of view of their partner and are often empathetic towards his/her feelings making them more lovable. They have a common vision of how their marriage should be.

They confront the difference wherever necessary. Whenever the problem arises, they communicate clearly with one another. They can also become very competitive on a few issues causing power struggle. But the exquisiteness of this kind of couples is they let go. They calm down and compromise and return back to living in a functional environment.

4. “I am right!”

In this type of married couples, both the partners have a high level of defensiveness on their part and they keep convincing themselves that “I am right!” Usually, there will be lots of “you always” and “you never” statements with which they blame each other. During fights, each partner reiterates their perspectives several times while no support or understanding being offered by the other person. They develop a cold indifference towards each other. These couples are usually defined by their refusal to deal the deep issues of the heart.

5. Completely detached couple:

It is similar to two persons of two different armies getting married. There will be two radically different personalities involved in this marriage and this leads to fights and misunderstandings. They fight even for a trivial matter and during the conflict, they snipe at each other. They are the most frustrated couple who are emotionally detached from each other. Along with being hostile, they would not be able to discuss their conflicts and issues of the heart openly building up a deep emotional scar on at least one partner. 

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