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5 Types Of Friends That Every Mom Needs

Every mom needs to have lady friends to hang out with. They can’t always hang out with their husband and kids. Friends make our lives easier and more lively. Life with our families is wonderful but you will always need to have friends in your age range that you can count on for anything. You might even find a friend in your own sister.

Here are 5 types of indispensable friends that every mom should have in their lives.

1. The brutally honest friend

When you need an opinion on something that you did, sometimes you want the wrong answer so you feel better. This is when you go to your husband - he will tell you that you look beautiful even when you haven’t combed your hair out or changed out of your night clothes. But when you need to know for sure that your outfit is on point before you go for your interview, you know there is only one friend who will tell you if you are overdressed or underdressed for the event.

2. The experienced mom

As a new mom, it is normal to be full of questions. This is when you would want to hear some advice from a mother who has seen it all and can relate to the problems you are facing. The experienced mom is that friend who has a child who is a few years older than yours and can give you advice on most, if not all, things related to baby care.

3. The instant coffee buddy

There are times when all we want to do is vent out. When you had a bad day, bad week or a bad month, you need that one friend who will make it easier. This is the instant coffee buddy. Whenever you need to talk, all you need is a chat with your buddy and a packet of instant coffee. By the time you put down the cup of coffee, you would feel a lot lighter having spoken to her - it only takes her 2 minutes to lift your mood.

4. The one who gets you

We all have our own reservations about being ourselves in front of others. We are afraid that people might judge us and it’s true - people will pass judgement whether you like it or not. Whether you decide to be a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, had a caesarean delivery or a normal one, have an adopted child, they will find some fault in what you do. But that shouldn’t stop you from being yourself. In fact, your real friends will tell you to never hide your true self from the world. They will encourage you to be yourself and be free.

5. The take it easy mom

Moms everywhere find it necessary to be perfect at everything. If they forget to do something, they freak out and get it done in haste. These mom-bots need to find an opposite friend - the one that takes it easy and is completely chilled out. These moms will not fret if their baby has a bit of food on their clothes or if the house is a total mess on one odd day. They are usually found to be happier in life and there is so much you can learn from them. This is exactly why you ought to be friends with the take-it-easy mom.

You may find that you have at least 2 of these types of friends. You may also find that a mixture of these qualities is found in just one lovely lady friend. So, share this article with them and let them know you are thinking about them.

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