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5 Tips To Stop Siblings From Fighting All The Time

Are you tired of your kids constantly bickering about each other? Can’t seem to find a way out of the vicious cats-and-dogs fights in your house? No, you are not the only parent who is desperately searching for ways to stop siblings from fighting. Most of the parents complain about how frustrating sibling rivalry becomes. Even though sibling fights can be beneficial for young children as it allows them to learn valuable life lessons, continuous sibling fights can become nerve-wracking for parents and give rise to long-term conflicts between the two children. Here are 5 tips to stop siblings from fighting all the time:  

1. Prepare the older one:

Preparing the older sibling to welcome his baby brother or sister is an absolute must-do. Your child doesn’t understand what being pregnant means. He probably just thinks that you have been eating way too much during the last few months. Tell him that soon he is going to be a big brother and he will have a little sister that he’ll need to take care of. Explain it to him in such a way that he gets super excited about meeting his younger sibling.

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2. Give equal importance to both of them:

It is very important that your child never feels neglected, especially by you. You mean the world to them and if they feel that you do not love them enough, it breaks their little hearts. It is quite natural for the older one to feel threatened when you bring home his new sibling and suddenly all the attention are poured onto the baby. But if they feel that at any point, you are giving more importance to their sibling, they immediately become jealous and blame their sibling for your divided attention. Do not encourage this feeling as it can stick with your child for a long time and cripple their thoughts making them negative.

3. Never insult one in front of the other:

No matter what they do, make sure to never take sides and insult one sibling in front of the other. If you absolutely must, let both of them get an earful together. Insulting or scolding one in front of the other, makes the one getting the scoldings to feel embarrassed while the other feel happy about not being on the receiving end. It can lead to jealousy between the two siblings which can easily give rise to another conflict.

4. Never compare your kids:

Each of your kids has different personality and skill sets. One may be good at sports while the other may excel at academics. Make sure that you never compare them with each other. Let them explore their individual talents and inspire them to be better at their own fields. Comparing two kids always ends up making one sad and envious of the other, which never results in a good conclusion.

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5. Let them look after each other:

Most of the conflicts or rivalry between siblings occur because they cannot accept the presence of the other as beneficial to themselves. You need to help them become affectionate towards each other so that they can not only accept each other but also look after each other as their own. When they spend most of their time competing with each other for your attention and approval, it makes them see the other sibling as competition or rival. While it is important for you to spend time individually with both of them, you also need to make sure to spend some quality time with both of them together. Let them help you by taking care of each other and allow them to spend time with each other alone by doing activities they both enjoy.

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