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5 Tips To Put Your Baby To Sleep While On A Holiday

Be it the first summer vacation, winter vacation or the new years eve - holidays are always fun. They are a refreshing serving for the perfect breather in not only yours but your children’s life as well as. In spite of all the fun and frolics, one of the challenging tasks for the parents is to ensure that the comfort and well-being of the child are maintained. Due to the excitement, the first major problem that a child encounters is to get proper sleep during the holidays. Here is a list of 5 tips that will coax your reluctant sleeper to get some needed shut-eye. 

1. The baby doesn’t sleep way past his/her sleeping time: A lot of factors can affect your child's sleep during the vacations. Thus, the first few considerations for a parent should be to inspect how comfortable the bed is, are the sleeping accompaniments missing or the noise facto. Many times, children refuse to go to bed anticipating that they are going to miss the fun if they go to sleep. Instead of being harsh on the kid, make a promise to your child that he/she is not going to miss any bit of enjoyment. Yout must ensure to keep that promise. Once assured, your child will retire to bed willingly without creating any fuss.

2. Getting used to an unknown place: For some babies, being in an unfamiliar place, away from the comfort of their home often proves to be a big problem interfering with their sleep. In the case of such a situation, the best course of action for a mom is to spend some downtime with the kiddo to settle his/her nerves. While the problem may persist for a few nights, parents should not freak out. With constant endeavors, things will soon fall into place with your child enjoying a good night's sleep.

3. The distance between the baby and the parents: Often, toddlers tend to freak out when they are made to sleep in a separate room during a vacation. The best way to deal with this problem is to ensure that parents accompany their kid in bed for the first couple of nights till the little one becomes comfortable and feels assured. Your child will automatically adjust once he/she realizes that mom and dad are just sleeping next door, always available at anytime.

4. Change of time zones: On foreign vacations, it is normal for children to experience difficulties in sleeping due to the change in time zone. To deal with this problem, make sure that the kid doesn’t sleep with the curtains on i.e. restricting sunlight. This practice is to ensure that the kid follows sunlight - helping him/her get used to the new time zone better. Follow the same approach for a few days when you are back home from the vacation as well.

5. Fix a sleeping time: There are cases when the kid wakes up at dawn even though he/she did not sleep until midnight the night before. This is an indication of the child being over-tired. During a vacation, there is seldom any fixed sleeping time for the kids. This leniency often proves to be a mistake resulting in the child getting fatigued and tired - affecting their own sleep. Whether at home or a vacation, do not compromise with your child's sleeping time.

While holidays are fun, a sound sleep of your little munchkin will only add on to your happiness and enjoyment. Be a little alert, agile and enjoy the break with your loved ones to the fullest! 

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