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5 Tips to Help Your Little One Start Walking

One of the major milestones in a baby’s and their parents’ life is the moment when the little one starts walking. Right from the day, the baby starts crawling, the only thing both mother and father wait for is the moment their little one will get up on his/her feet and will start walking. But, babies are little beings who need to be guided in almost everything they do and thus, they will need your help in this too. But, helping your little one walk is a tricky thing in itself and needs appropriate levels of motivation. So, to help you help your little one walk, we have made a list of some tips.

1. Massage their feet regularly

The baby needs strength in his/her feet in order to walk. And the best way to help the feet and the legs gain strength is to massage the baby’s legs. Massage has been medically seen to improve the blood flow in the region thereby giving more strength to the particular body part. Also, by massaging their legs and feet you will be able to give direction to the muscles and other tissue to grow.

2. Help them practice getting up and sitting down

Standing up and then sitting back down is an important activity that helps the little one gain confidence and also helps them save themselves if by chance they are about to fall. And in order for them to be able to work through this, it is up to you to help them. By practising standing up and sitting back down, the leg muscles will get proper exercise and stretchability which will be crucial when the little one tries to take the first step.

3. Motivate and appreciate them

Motivation and appreciation are the most important things for your little one to start walking. By cheering them on you will create a sense of achievement that will go a long way in helping them take those first few steps. In order to motivate them what you can do is stand a bit away from them and then ask them to come to you. Keep cheering them on and you will see that they will soon start balancing themselves on their feet thereby starting to walk.

4. Babyproof the house

Now since your little one has started moving around you will need to be cautious and take care of your child. It is imperative that you baby proof your house so that it is not dangerous for your little one. You also need to make sure that you don’t leave the main door open as your baby might actually end up going out on their own. The safety of your baby is in your own hands and only you can make sure that they are able to walk around freely in the house.

5. Try not to use walkers

Walkers have been seen to actually result in more accidents for the baby than when they are walking without it. Also, walkers have been seen to affect the muscle development of the baby and are therefore not recommended in your little one’s early days of walking. Just let them learn how to walk on their own natural way and you will find that your little one’s muscles will be stronger than that of a child who has been using a walker.

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