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5 Tips to Deal with Cravings for Sugary Treats During Pregnancy

While pregnancy may be an exciting time, your body goes through a lot of hormonal changes during this period. This is why sometimes an unmanageable sugar craving sneaks up. For the health of your baby, it is important to follow a healthy dietary routine throughout pregnancy. Doing so not only supports the development and growth of the baby but also shapes his or her food preferences for later in life. So, do not give in to ice cream or candy, except occasionally. Here are some tips that will help you to curb your sugar cravings during pregnancy.

1. Be prepared

It is safe to assume that you will most probably get sugar cravings during pregnancy. It is important that you be aware of what you are craving for and identify it too. Prepare some alternative food options to satisfy your cravings. Some of the suggestions are:

- Fresh berries drizzled with honey

- Half a banana with almond butter

- Green smoothie with almond butter, chia seeds and cacao

- Oven roasted sweet root vegetable chips

2. Get emotional support

The hormonal roller coaster during pregnancy will make you more prone to the mood swings. You may turn to food when instead you can be served better by taking a walk or talking to a friend to ease frustration and stress. You will need to ask yourself if you are actually hungry or just emotional. During pregnancy, women often mistake feeling hormonal with the need for sugar.

3. Get proper rest

It is extremely important that you take proper rest before your baby arrives in the world. It will not only be beneficial in the growth of baby, but it will also help you to manage your cravings. Many times, you only reach for the bowl of candy or indulge in a sugary snack because you are feeling tremendously tired and need some quick energy. Remember that a nap will serve the purpose better than sweets.

4. Keep yourself hydrated

You can never drink enough water during pregnancy. Keep drinking water at regular intervals. Dehydration may fool you into believing that you need to eat something when in reality you only need some water. Whenever you are craving for a sugar treat, try to drink a glass of water and wait for around 10 minutes before giving in to it.

5. Try to relax

It is okay to indulge in a sugary treat and give in to your cravings once in a while. The key is moderation. If you have decided to indulge, choose quality over quantity and limit yourself to a small portion. So instead of having, say, a whole bowl of ice cream choose to eat only a single scoop, or one square of chocolate rather than the whole bar.

We know you can’t always control the craving and it’s okay! Just remember not to overdo anything because it might only make you feel sick and it’s not the best of choices for your baby.

Have you managed to chase away the cravings? How? Comment and let us know!

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