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5 Tips To Deal With A Whining Child

Children use whining, crying or screaming as a means of attracting their parents’ attention. It can get pretty frustrating and nerve-wracking for parents to handle a whiny toddler, which forces them to ultimately give in to the child’s demands just to stop their continuous whining. Children no matter how young can easily figure out that whenever they use these measures, especially whining, they end up getting what they want. This can become a habit and affect their behavioural development. Therefore it is very important for parents to handle a whiny kid tactfully.  

Are you also one of those parents who are on the verge of pulling their hair out and searching for ways to get your kid to stop whining? Here are 5 tips you can follow to handle a whining child:

1. Nope, it doesn’t bother me!

No, you are not supposed to ignore your child even if their constant whining is giving you headaches. Your child won’t stop whining until they get your attention - that’s why she started whining after all. Instead, to get your kid to stop whining, tell her that you cannot understand her when she uses that whining tone. Do not give in to their demands and keep saying that you want to help her but you simply do not understand what she is saying.

2. Why don’t you ask me nicely, instead?

Surely your child will be confused when you tell her that you cannot understand what she is saying. Ask her to stop the whining tone and use her regular voice to ask for whatever she wants to have. You need to be consistent and stick to it everytime she starts whining. Acknowledge her issues and tell her that you would really feel good if she asks nicely.

3. Now, here’s my big girl!

Your child, more than anything, craves for your love and appreciation. Never fail to thank your little one and appreciate her whenever she corrects her behaviour. You need to make sure to be clear on what kind of behaviour is expected of her and to always treat her like a responsible adult. Children love to feel valued and everytime you give your child a positive response to the corrective measures she took, you encourage her to repeat such behaviours in the future.

4. Would you like it if I start whining?

Children often do not realize that their voice changes when they start whining. If they do not understand or do not stop even after you’ve tried everything, mimic them and start whining yourself for a while. The sudden change in your behaviour will puzzle them and make them think. Tell them this is how they sound when they whine and that it becomes hard for anyone to understand anything they say while whining. Ask them how it feels when you start whining and make sure they realize that you too feel exactly the same and get annoyed equally.

5. I’m always here for you.

Your child needs your attention - it is as simple as that. Your child starts creating all these fusses when they feel left out or ignored and need assurance that they are still important to you. Just give your little one a tight hug already! Leave whatever you were doing and reconnect with your child for a while. You have to wait until she has calmed down so that you can make her understand how important it is for you to finish your work. But never let your little princess feel neglected and assure her that you are always there for her.

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