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5 Tips To Boost Self-Confidence

Being a new generation mom isn’t easy. The world has evolved so much in terms of technology and medicine that it should be making our lives easier. Instead, now there are so many new and heavy expectations that are imposed on us. It is no wonder then that the new generation moms often have a hard time deciding if they are indeed doing enough.

Here are a couple of things to remember:

1. Moms can do anything, but not everything!

Remember that it is alright to make mistakes - we are only human after all. If one day, you forgot to add sugar to the tea, just remember that it is healthier without sugar anyways. If you and the hubby missed out on cleaning up the house one day, know that your house won’t suddenly crumble.

2. Be kind to yourself

You are your own best friend. So make sure to set aside time for yourself. This doesn’t just mean making time to catch up on your favourite TV shows. It means visiting the doctor to check up on that infection or the ‘probably-nothing’ lumps. You have been brushing it aside for quite some time and it just isn’t going away. Go to the parlour and treat yourself to a nice relaxing session like a mani-pedi, facial, or a new hairstyle - whatever you find relaxes you.

3. Believe in your own parenting skills

Everyone around you seems to have something to say about how you should raise your child. It’s sweet of them to be concerned and offers advice but some (read most) of it is unnecessary. They might tell you that you are doing it all wrong and then instruct you on how it should be done. This can be advice about anything from what you should/should not eat while pregnant with breastfeeding tips. When in doubt, ask your doctor what is best for your child.

4. Write it down

Anything that needs to get down should be written down somewhere. This can include a grocery list, to-do list or some questions you have been meaning to ask the doctor on your next visit. You may think that it is easy to remember all these little things but it is always better to have some backup option in case you forget.

5. Stay in the moment

When there is a truckload of work to be done, it may be hard to focus on the task at hand. You may get hasty and not do it as efficiently as you would have with a calm mind. During those tense moments, acknowledge the fact that you are freaking out and take a deep breath. As you exhale decide to stay in the moment. If you are with the baby, focus on what s/he does. You should be there to keep them engaged and encouraged. If they see that you are anxious, they would feel uneasy too. So smile whenever you are around them so that they feel happy and safe.

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