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5 Tips That Will Help You Do Your Baby's Laundry Faster


As a new parent, you probably spend most of your time cleaning and feeding your little one, putting him to sleep and changing diapers. Naturally, you probably end up changing your baby’s clothes so many times, that by the end of the day, you have a whole load of baby clothes to wash. Imagine doing the laundry a few days later then, and finding yourself buried in a heap of baby clothes that you have to either wash or fold. You obviously don’t have time for that in the middle of raising your little one.

So you want to spend the least time possible on baby laundry while also making sure that the clothes are clean enough for your baby. We have some hacks that will make laundry a whole load easier, and give you that much more time to bond with your baby and partner!

1. Do Laundry Everyday

Don’t wait for ‘more’ baby clothes to wash. Always do laundry on a daily basis. This way, you will only spend a little time on it everyday, and you won’t have to fold too many clothes or wash too many at a time. Moreover, you’ll have fresh clothes ready and won’t run the risk of not having any clean clothes ready for the next time you need fresh onesies!

2. Fasten the bibs

Bibs are one of the most frequent laundry items on your list, so if you wash them right, you can save a lot of time. Bibs have velcro to open and close them. If you plan to use a washing machine, you should always wash your bibs with the velcro straps closed so that the velcro doesn’t get stuck to other clothes and ruin any socks or shirts while moving around in the washing machine.

Image: Fasten the velcro as if the bib is still on when you put it in the washing machine. This way, it won't catch other pieces of clothing or damage anything else.

3. Sort laundry while folding it

Don’t simply fold laundry, keep all the similar clothing together so that you can easily put them in the right place. It can get pretty tedious to spend a long time folding the clothes and then having to sort them all out after you’ve spent that much time, so sort the clothes into separate piles or baskets while you’re folding them. It’ll make it much easier for you to put them away when you’re done, giving you more time with your baby!

4. Dry clothes the smart way

Onesies usually have a button-up flap at the bottom, in between the baby’s legs. So while drying your clothes, instead of wasting time with putting on or removing laundry clips, just put the onesie on the stand or the clothes line and button these up to ensure that the clothes are secure. In fact, recently, a mom just like you shared this hack and said that it had saved her a lot of time when it comes to drying her baby's onesies. The hack became popular overnight and people are still using it!

Image Courtesy: Nubs and Bumps | Facebook | The hack has been noted by News casters as well, and parents all over the internet are extremely thankful for this lifesaving hack!

5. Go for white socks

Though the coloured socks may be cute, you definitely don’t have time to worry about separating them from each other so that the colors don’t mix when you’re doing laundry. So keep it simple and go for more white socks. You can put them all in together and won’t worry about anything changing colour in the wash! If you do love coloured socks, buy fewer pairs and put them on your baby only on special occasions so that your everyday laundry routine is much simpler.

Your baby’s cute clothes may take up some time, but try being organized so that you can finish laundry quickly and spend more time on your baby, yourself or your partner. After all, you have enough work as it is, why not make one of them easier?  

What are some laundry tricks you have used? Have you tried any of these yet? Let us know how they work out for you!

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